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Introducing Oleander

Mon Jul 24 2023 (Updated: Mon Jul 24 2023) - 1 min read


Oleander - “Half-automated, half-man”

Oleander is the captain of Gelecek, his ship is a Hydra-Class engineering vessel known for its exceptional ability to unify a squadron using advanced drones. These drones extract excess energy from high-functioning ships to repair damaged allies. Oleander has further enhanced the system by developing a spray-on hull plating that redirects enemy attacks through a chemical reaction. With giant 3D printers in his hangar, he tirelessly works on intricate projects, such as himself. Oleander’s internal enhancements were installed as part of the so-called "Medusa Project", which sought to create the perfect artificial alternative to the human brain.

In battle, Oleander serves as a vital transmitter, boosting hacking signals and disabling enemy defenses. While automation could handle much of the task, Oleander's active involvement allows for personalized adjustments to the jamming signals, something combat-focused captains struggle with. "In a way, I am the middle ground. Half-automated, half-man."

See more about the Gelecek Faction here

Picture of Oleanders Hydra-Class engineering vessel
Oleanders Hydra-Class engineering vessel
Full picture of Oleander
Oleander - “Half-automated, half-man”

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