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Omega Historical - Change log

Thu Jan 28 2021 (Updated: Thu Jan 28 2021) - 1 min read


Animated Avatars for the winning team.

Change log:

  • The map is 25% bigger with more moons and special hexes.
  • Starting locations have been balanced.
  • Resources and npc´s added to the center area.
  • Atlas Central and Tianchao Hideout added to the map.
  • Terran Combine will properly receive 3 extra augment points and be able to augment for allies again.
  • Terran Combine will get 1 extra speed bonus to their industrials, from 1 to 2, allowing their industrials to move at speed 5, compared to 3 for others.
  • Atlas bonus to building organizations reduced to 30% from 35%.
  • Achievements that last longer than the game mode have been removed.
  • Radius on missile batteries down to 2 again from 3, augment adds 1 radius.
  • Description of Missile battery's augment effect fixed to show that it now increases radius instead of firepower.
  • Bellicose industries will now add 1 extra radius on missile battery.
  • Trading port harvest rate increased by 5%
  • Trading port streaming value doubled.
  • Augmenting Trading port now increases its harvest rate by 10%, 8% for MPL.
  • Mining Colony´s description changed to show its increased radius to 2
  • Players will now only be allowed to purchase credits pack once every week.
  • Changed the description on Recons showing that now they sabotage a station for 3 hrs, not 5 minutes like before.
  • Fixed Primwell & Hauft organization's description, it now says that it doubles the Trading Port's streaming capacity.
  • Troop Carrier description in the shipyard fixed.
  • Build time on the Seat lowered to 28 days.

For the first time we will hand out an animated avatar for the players in the winning alliance.