Patch b1.2 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.2 – Change Log

Wed Apr 15 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 2 min read



  • Every alliance member can now place 1 pin that the alliance can see without needing an alliance permission.
  • Added indicators on the Top-Bar when factions are available.
  • Added a notification when factions are available.
  • Description added to influence bar.
  • Avatar display shows edit icon on hover.
  • Station name shows edit icon on hover.


  • Using Troop Carriers to capture stations no longer refunds you any infrastructure points.
  • Info tab for missions overhauled to help new players learn about missions.
  • Info tab for missions and scanning now contain up to date stealth values.
  • Chat panel now shows correct notification count.
  • A minimized chat panel shows notification count.
  • After deleting a combat report the next report on the list becomes selected.


  • Fleets now depart for alliance assaults.
  • Links in reports and politics panels fixed, you can again click them to center the map on the stations mentioned in reports (“What station was this again? *click* Ahh! THAT station! Wheee!”)
  • Combat reports now load significantly faster.
  • Fixed that combat reports could show up blank.
  • Fixed that Spy reports could show up blank or with default values.
  • Closing a channel dialog is no longer a problem.
  • Chat doesn’t cut at the bottom for longer messages.
  • Fixed fleet movement UI widgets blocking input and preventing zooming on the map.
  • Fixed issue where the Claims Picker display in Settings and Store panels appeared in low resolution for HD+ displays.
  • Fixed hint text overlapping button in the Select Card Dialog.
  • Fixed issue where pressing ‘Escape’ while focused on the Chat Panel input field would send a message.
  • Fixed issue where notification panel toggle would require multiple clicks to work.
  • Fixed issue where Pressing ‘Escape’ while the Insufficient Plat dialogue is open closes the Store panel.
  • Fixed Upgrade Station button appearing in the bottom station HUD panel despite being unable to upgrade.
  • Fixed issue when tutorial sequence notification would reappear after relog despite already being complete.
  • Fixed issue where toggling Fleet Movement Widget visibility could break.
  • Fixed issue where pressing ‘escape’ didn’t dismiss the Chat Panel dialogue while in focus.
  • Fixed issue where additional unlocked organization slots displayed an incorrect tier.
  • Fixed issue where releasing two keyboard shortcuts during the same frame would break the UI.
  • Fixed issue where the Insufficient Plat dialog wouldn’t open the Purchase Plat panel after confirmation.
  • Fixed issue where building planner slot selection wasn’t set to the default state after re-opening the panel.
  • Fixed a bug so sabotage combat now properly uses 100% firepower instead of 50%.
  • Fixed a bug where the Romberg organization wasn’t applying its bonuses to recon fleets.
  • Description for Habitation Dome updated to reflect its actual harvest rate of 90% per level, not 80%.
  • Various spelling errors, text and text formating on cards and buildings updated and fixed.
  • Fixed wrong descriptions of values on levels 4 and 5 for Viva La Resistance policy (only text was wrong, correct values were given).