Patch b1.6 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.6 - Change Log

Fri May 08 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 2 min read


Patch goes live Tuesday May 12th.

Optimization galore!

Map movement and UI interaction has been greatly improved!

  • Disabled the world camera while in full-screen UIs. The camera being enabled had a dramatic effect on interacting with these UIs (fleets, stations, inventory, station planner etc.).
  • Removed a bunch of legacy tooltips that were being unnecessarily called but never displayed.
  • Moving the camera over the map is now much smoother with fewer lag spikes.
  • General performance improvements for map interactions.

Balance changes

  • Policy Radio Silence‘s penalty to unit firepower decreased from -30/-25/-20/-15/-10% to -20/-15/-10/-5/0%.
  • Policy Merchant Fleet‘s bonus to freighter speed increased from 3/4/5/6/7 to 3/6/9/12/15.
  • Building Distribution Hub‘s bonus to freighter speed increased to 3 per level, up from 2.
  • Base speed for freighters increased to 30, up from 21.
  • Policy Volunteer Program‘s decrease to labor increased to -10/-15/-20/-25/-30, up from -6/-7/-8/-9/-10.


  • Care Package can now be properly opened and contains two Crescent Crux cards.
  • Policy Space Lanes now properly gives a penalty.
  • Policy Scramble now properly gives a penalty.
  • Policy Battle Stations now properly gives a penalty.
  • Policy Viva La Resistance! now properly applies penalty to all heavy units, including Troop Carriers and Gunships.
  • Policy Unveil Universe no longer stacks the probe lifetime attribute when sending out multiple fleets on a single scan movement.
  • Removed old code that recalculated movement speed for return from mission movements. Fleets will no longer recalculate their movement speed when returning from missions.
  • Fixed issue preventing Empire culling reports from being published to global API.
  • Combat reports now display the correct bombing results.
  • Localization fixes.
    • Updated most references to metal, crystal, and gas to include icons where possible.
    • All references to ice now correctly state it is harvested and converted into labor. Like magic.
    • Federal Armory description now correctly states that it affects all fleets. Previously mentioned “raiding and combat fleets”.
    • Fixed a typo on Alliance Traffic Control and made the description more straightforward.
    • Corrected various confusing references regarding:
      • Influence is what buildings, outposts, and organizations give you.
      • Experience per hour is what your influence gives you.
    • Fixed policy Battle Stations level 2 showing the incorrect malus reduction.
    • Various spelling mistakes fixed!
    • Added green and red tags to various policies denoting a bonus or a malus.
  • Alliance operation title requirement text should now be displayed if the title is valid.
  • Fixed bug and improved flow of how local code redemption rewards are deposited to game servers.
  • Map resource view now has the correct labor icon. The size of the resource bars has been increased and removed the bar outlines.
  • Troop Carriers can now be transferred from hanger to fleets on your own stations.
  • When a mission is completed only other incoming mission movements to that hex are cancelled.


  • Stealth attacks are now properly marked in report headers and combat report details.
    • Added stealth to attackers for all combat types as well as scan strength to all stations and sabotage target types.
    • Assault and Raid combat can now be marked as stealthed if scan strength on the target is less than the stealth of the attacker.
  • Multitude of WebAdmin fixes giving GMs a wide variety of new information and options.
  • Hexes in exclusion zones (where players can not build) all now have a tooltip explaining the exclusion zone and a flavour text.
    • Vortex areas.
    • Omega sector, additionally the tooltip here displays a countdown timer until the sector unlocks.
    • Stars.
    • Dyson Spheres (both inner and outer exclusion zone).