Patch b2.22 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.22 - Change Log

Mon Oct 11 2021 - 1 min read



  • The station building planner now show when an organization is inoperational
  • A confirmation is requested when upgrading station will cause temporary cards to be removed
  • A confirmation is requested when changing the capital with cause buildings to be destroyed


  • The "Select a Card" panel for fleets no longer close itself
  • The "Stealth" label in the combat report now accurately display stealth information
  • The map operation panel doesn't close itself when clicking inside it
  • FOBs now correctly show operating fleets
  • The map operation panel doesn't round the speed value anymore
  • AS/FOB can no longer be build on a hex where a FOB is jumping
  • Augment outposts movement can now be scheduled
  • Removing extra space in Protective Space policy description
  • Improving the Habitation Dome short description
  • The freighter speed has been corrected to 30 for all stations


  • The movement panel doesn't reload all movements on any update anymore