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Starborne: Frontiers - Development Update

Fri Apr 07 2023 (Updated: Fri Apr 07 2023) - 2 min read

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Arena Update

We've been closely monitoring the Arena system and listening to player feedback and have determined that the current first iteration of the Arena systems is in need of a few key changes at this point. We will be reducing the number of brackets to better fit the current player base. In addition to that, we will adjust the point system to make progressing through these bracket smoother.

The design phase of this update is complete, and inhouse testing has started.

Recruitment Events

We are planning to introduce events during which certain units will have increased chances to be acquired. The participation in these events will be optional to provide choice of whether to pursue these units specifically or not.

The design phase of this update is complete.

Side Missions

We are excited about this feature both for story telling and extra challenge. Side mission are intended to be optional extra stages in the campaign. This will have a greater effect on newer players, but will also give reason for existing players to revisit the campaign.

The design phase of this update is complete, and inhouse testing has started.

The Abyss

This is a big item that we are extremely excited for. The Abyss has been foreshadowed already as part of our cinematic intro and players may have noticed it at the center of the map already. An extra game mode full of challenge, loot and, in time, unique rewards. The Abyss is aiming to complement gameplay for accounts starting at roughly the midgame progression point.

This update is currently in the inhouse testing phase.

Image showing off The Workshop
The Workshop


The workshop is planned to be a User interface that will contain features like the planned Quick rank, Fragment and Fusion systems.
There is a lot we can do with this feature in the future. We are certain this will lead to great User Experience improvements.

The design phase of this update is complete, and inhouse testing has started.

Alliance Boss

We are reworking the mechanics of this encounter. We do not want the challenge from this encounter to be solely based on Big Numbers™, but to be mechanically challenging and interesting. Due to the affinity cycling each week, we are considering the possibility to have 4 mechanically different fights, one for each affinity, in the future.
For now we are looking to introduce one reworked version.

The design phase of this update is complete, and inhouse testing has started.

Marketplace - Working Title

This is a planned User Interface meant to allow the exchange of currencies earned through gameplay for other items. The marketplace will exist alongside the Shop and may lead to the Credit Market making an exit form the Shop to find it's new home here. The addition of new game modes, eg. The Abyss, and others yet unannounced, will introduce many of these new currencies. Some new currencies may be added to already existing game modes, like for example the Arena

The design phase of this update is complete.

New Units

We aim to release new units at a regular pace, and the first batch of those is already being worked on and we are excited to see them make their way into Starborne: Frontiers.

The design phase of this update is complete.

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