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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch 1.0

Tue Mar 26 2024 (Updated: Wed Mar 27 2024) - 2 min read



  • Further improvements have been made to the tutorial, explaining more mechanics and guiding players to different gamemodes.
  • We have implemented a new push notification system for various events.


  • Apex, the new Atlas Legendary Debuffer joins the fray, but is not obtainable through regular recruitment yet! More information on that soon.

  • Anemone now inflicts Corrosion 3 up from Corrosion 2 with her Charged Active skill.
  • Lodolite now applies Concentrate Fire for 2 turns instead of Purge(1) with her Basic Active skill, and will Purge(all) with the Charged Active skill, instead of Concentrate Fire for 2 turns. The refitted passive has been upgraded to additionally remove all Shields from a unit that has any buffs purged by Lodolite.
  • Nuqtu's passive Cleanse can now only trigger once per round.

  • Hacking refit bonuses for Rare/Epic/Legendary units were increased from 15/30/45 to 20/40/60.
  • Refit bonuses for rank 4 and 5 were changed for legendary Defenders:
    • All Legendary Defenders now gain +5% to all stats on refit 5.
    • Anemone, Sansi and Iridium now gain +60 Hacking and +10 Speed on refit 4.
    • Vindicator, Madax, Panon and Voron now gain +45 Security and +10 Speed on refit 4.

UI, Visual & Audio Changes

  • Frontier Legion ship models have received visual updates.
  • The Homebase background system has been expanded to include Bounty, Anomaly, and Abyss locations.
  • Stargates have been added to the end of campaign chapters.
  • The Monthly Cards have been renamed to Premium Plus in the Store.
  • Completed progress pack offers are no longer visible in the Store.
  • VIP point labels are now visible for Platinum offers.
  • A Starter offer button is now visible in the Homebase panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Alliances are now properly sorted by activity in the Alliance Search Panel.
  • Fixed an issue causing some munition fx to not disappear when colliding with the Vault shield.

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