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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch 1.0.3

Wed Apr 24 2024 (Updated: Wed Apr 24 2024) - 2 min read



  • Isha and Nayra, new Terran Legendaries have been added into the index, but remain unlootable for now.
    Expect more information on how to acquire them soon.
  • Tapping on the role or affinity of a unit will now display a description popup explaining affinities and also show the new role descriptions.
  • Each unit now has a calculated Combat Power number, based on its equipment and upgrade level.
  • Added the ability to toggle between units placed on the field when entering unit management from combat.
  • The unit ratings panel now features up to 3 recommended equipment sets for each unit.
  • Implants now unlock gradually from level 40 for minor, level 50 for major, and level 60 for ultimate implants.
  • Retroactive VIP points have now been awarded for purchases made prior to the introduction of the VIP system.
  • All combat encounters (except arena) now have a filter for "Top 10 units used in this combat".


  • Yuyan's Basic Active skill now also inflicts Defense Down 2 for 2 turns.
  • Lodolite's Basic Active skill Concentrate Fire debuff duration was changed to 1 turn down from 2 turns.

UI, Visual & Audio Changes

  • The Starmap tablet has a new look.
  • A workshop button has been added to the hangar and rank panels.
  • The currency counters and their tooltips have received new visuals.
  • Temporary currency boosters now show the remaining time upon clicking them.
  • The Alliance home page now shows the current progress in the Raid.
  • Adjustments have been made to the sequencing of the chapter briefing dialog.
  • "Crit. Dmg" was renamed to "Crit Power".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Alliance Raid boss HP to be displayed in an incomprehensible format in the combat info panel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused buff and debuff descriptions to extend beyond the screen in the combat info panel.
  • Missing status effects icons added for:
    • Concentrate Fire
    • Corrosion Enhanced - Eelun Nephula
    • Eggmunity - The Clutcher
    • Enrage Ally HP - Ignis in the Abyss
    • Enrage Ally Attack - Stan
    • Marked - General Colosso
    • Reverse Repairs - Mamma Maglienza
    • Siphon Repairs - Nizar Idris in the Abyss

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