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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch 1.1

Tue May 14 2024 (Updated: Tue May 14 2024) - 2 min read



  • The noraml difficulty Vault reward Tier 1 now starts at 1 damage dealt.
  • Arena:
    • More improvements have been made to Arena matchmaking, aiming to improve the experience for new players further.
    • The amount of Blood Tokens rewarded at the end of a season has been quadrupled.
    • Equipment cost in the Arena Market reduced from 1200 to 1000.
  • Implant Market:
    • The cost of Epic and Legendary implants has been increased by 25% to 35%.
  • In the Mamma Maglienza bounty it is now mentioned that her Basic Active skill applies Inferno twice on higher levels of the Bounty.
  • The Arcange Siege and Lifeline ultimate implant descriptions have been adjusted for improved clarity.
The new Bounty level select screen (values are placeholders)

UI, Visual & Audio Changes

  • New level select UI screens have been introduced for both Bounties and Anomalies.
  • The graphics and sound settings are accessible from the Start screen.
  • Whenever a player enters an Abyss depth (for the first time or until they complete a node), a short camera animation now plays uncovering the wormhole node and highlighting to the player that this is where they should head. We have updated the Abyss Quest Log UI and animations to work in sync with the new camera animation.
    Note: This new feature can be disabled by toggling off the Abyss Transitions option in the settings menu.
  • Apex and Rhodium have received updated vfx.
  • The purge and cleanse vfx have been improved.
  • New 'remove shield' and 'clear status effect' vfx and keys have been added.
  • Arum and Apex are a more appropriate size and the metallic texture on Apex has been adjusted.

  • Animated unit portraits have been added for the following units:
    • Apex
    • Forsythia
    • Huanying
    • Isha
    • Jempol
    • Krysa
    • Shashou
    • Suku

Bug Fixes

  • Isha and Nayra's passive skill descriptions have been fixed to reference each other instead of Alpha and Omega.
  • The skill description for Asphyxiators level 1 Charged skill has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue causing the campaign chapter transition lore popup to sometimes lock players out.
  • Fixed a problem when players changed their local time on their devices and as a result could no longer log in.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Vault raid reward box to cover other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the claim button in the Vault raid panel to remain active after collecting the reward.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause character portraits to appear incorrectly in the implant UI.

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