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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch 3.17

Tue Mar 19 2024 (Updated: Tue Mar 19 2024) - 3 min read



  • New starting achievements have been added and tailored for new player onboarding. Completing these achievements will reward an Expert beacon.
  • More achievement point milestones for Oleander have been added, allowing players to earn refit tokens specific to this unit.
  • The Arena matchmaking system has been modified to better match newer players with appropriate opponents.
  • A new global feed is now visible in the Homebase that shows the activity of other users.
  • A button for a Social Panel has been added to the Homebase that will allow players to fully view the Activity feed as well as the Alliance Chat.
  • Improvements have been made to the Alliance chat.
    Players can now react to chat messages using a set of emotes.
    Players can now reply to specific chat messages.
  • The Store has been reworked.
    This rework includes new deals, new items, and better prices for some items.
  • New VIP System
    VIP points progressing the VIP level will be awarded for store purchases and will also be available through gameplay in the form of achievement rewards in some places.
    VIP levels grant permanent account-wide Quality-of-life improvements, like for example an increased energy cap, an increased multi-battle cap, increased caps for keys, and more.
  • New items
    Credits & Exp boosters. These give the player 50% more currency from combat activities as the Subscriptions currently do and will stack on top of them.
    They can be activated through the Inventory.
  • A new Inventory panel has been added and is accessible through the Homebase hamburger menu.
  • New Progression Events have been added guiding players through a more varied and thematic gameplay experience.


  • Arena combats can now last 30 rounds at maximum.
    After 30 rounds the Defender will be declared the winner.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to Playtime Rewards.
  • Implant Tokens have been added as possible Vault loot drops, replacing some of the Platinum rewards.
  • The Vault Barrier Overcharge can no longer be removed through Reflect abilities, such as Nosorog's passive or usage of the Reflect set.

    Implant Changes:

    Almost all major implants had their skill trigger chances increased across all rarities.
  • The Bulwark major implant was adjusted to only be able to trigger once per round.
  • The Shadowguard major implant was adjusted to only be able to trigger once per round.
  • The Ironclad major implant was adjusted to now block only a percentage of the damage when hit for a second and following times in a round, to counteract the trigger chance increase.
  • The Bloodthirst, Menace, Exuberance, Insidiousness, and Ironclad major implants had their effects scaled down for the lower rarity version due to the higher trigger chances.
  • The Last Stand major implant was reworked to now grant Block Damage and Block Debuff for 1 turn instead of Block Attacks for 1 hit.
New alliance customization options

UI, Visual & Audio Changes

  • The Alliance home page has received a new look.
  • A new dialog for creating and updating alliances has been added.
    Alliances now offer more customization options in the form of icons and banners.
    Alliances can now be flagged as mentorship alliances, signaling a willingness to assist new players in learning to navigate the Frontier.
  • A new interface has been added for joining alliances, that shows a selection of available and recommended alliances.
  • The interface for searching and viewing all alliances has been improved.
  • The Store UI has received improvements.
  • The backgrounds in the bounties and anomalies panels have been updated for better performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the online status of alliance members to display incorrectly.
  • Crusher and Demolisher now show the correct character in the rank/refit/implant panel again.
  • The Alliance raid panel background has been fixed.

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