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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes December 19th

Tue Dec 19 2023 (Updated: Tue Dec 19 2023) - 2 min read



  • The initial App download size has been reduced from 1.5GB down to 150 MB.
  • A Reward notification has been added, which will display when buying offers in the Market panel.


  • Stan the Sleigher and his reindeer will now all target "Front" ignoring targets with the "Festive Frenzied" debuff and all other mechanics that affect targeting, including stealth.
  • Abyss Ignis encounter was adjusted on harder Abyss stages.
  • Reactionary skill ordering has been adjusted.
    Skills that react to the same event in the combat system should now be ordered based on the speed of the unit that they belong to.
  • Grif, Provider and Sentinel no longer critical strike with their passive reactionary abilities.
  • Aspyxiator's active Inferno was fixed to now properly apply to the main target as well as the adjacent units.
  • Iridium's passive was changed to now gain Taunt at the start of combat and the reduced damage from critical hits was increased to 35% up from 30%.
    Her Refit2 now Purges 2 instead of 1 on the unit that directly hits her.
    The Disable applied by the Charged Active was changed to Stasis.
  • Judge's Refit2 damage increase based on the number of destroyed enemies, was limited to at most give 100% bonus to outgoing damage.
  • Hacking and Security refits stat bonuses for Rare, Epic and Legendary units now give a 15/30/45 bonus up from a 10/20/30 bonus.
  • The later-stage Refits for Legendary units have been adjusted as follows:

  • Refit4 is now +15% HP and +8% Speed up from +15% HP
  • Refit5 is now +1500 HP and +1000 Defense instead of +8% speed
  • Refit6 is now +15% ATK and +20% Crit. Dmg instead of +15% ATK and +15% HP

  • Refit3 is now +15% ATK instead of +15% HP
  • Refit4 is now +45 Hacking and +8% Speed instead of +15% ATK
  • Refit5 is now +1500 HP and +1000 Defense instead of +30 Hacking

  • Refit4 is now +15% HP instead of +15% DEF

UI & Visual Changes

  • The Star map menu screen design has been updated.
  • The Campaign Star Reward has received a visual upgrade.
  • The Beginner Guide is now accessible in the Star map menu.
  • The Alliance Raid UI has received visual updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Volk's passive not repairing the correct target.
  • Fixed an issue with the engage button in the Stan the Sleigher encounter becoming active after moving a unit.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stan the Sleigher popup being incorrectly sized.
  • Fixed an issue with the milestone goal values in the Abyss.

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