Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes July 24th | Starborne

Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes July 24th

Mon Jul 24 2023 (Updated: Mon Jul 24 2023) - 2 min read



  • The next Battle Pass season has been prepared.
    Season of Endurance
    This season commanders will be able to earn the legendary Terran defender Madax!
  • Updated the Achievement UI
  • Completing Achievements now awards achievement points in addition to their normal rewards.
    Collect achievement points to earn Oleander.
  • We are introducing Oleander a new legendary Gelecek Supporter with chemical affinity.
    Currently, this unit can exclusively be earned by collecting enough achievement points.
    Oleander focuses on repairing and improving the Hacking of allied units.
    • X-Factor Link - Basic Active
      Apply Hacking Up III for 2 turns and Repair (10% Max HP +8.5% x Max HP x Number of debuffed enemies).
    • Xtreme Reversion Module - Charged Active
      Apply Repair Over Time II for 2 turns and apply Hit Mitigation for 3 turns.
    • Proto-Core Link - Passive
      When an ally applies a debuff: Fill Charge (1).

      Refitted Passive
      When an ally applies a debuff: Fill Charge (1) and apply Repair Over Time II to that ally for 2 turns.
A showcase of the new Achievement panel & new earnable legendary unit Oleander
The new Achievement panel & new earnable legendary unit Oleander


  • All units now start at a lower Hacking/Security/Crit Chance/Crit Damage than before, and each rank up these stats increase. The final value of all these stats remains the same as before.
    Developer note: "Growth in power as a unit's level and ranks increase is very important to us, but with some stats not improving at all throughout this process, we've realized that we haven't really achieved our goal. For some units there is little meaningful incentive for upgrades and promotions, so by changing the way Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Security, and Hacking develop with levels and ranks, we hope to achieve a meaningful progression curve to both incentivize and reward investment into units. While these stats will be lower for units at lower levels and ranks, just like Attack, Defense, and Hitpoints have been in the past, by level 50 and rank 6 all stats should be at the same level as previous to this change."

UI & Visual Changes

  • Skill icons have been added to the game. Check them out in the Unit Management panel.
  • The Unit Management panel has been updated and now displays total stats for units.
  • Ships with skip targeting now display an arced line visualizer during combat placement.
  • Several improvements were made to the lighting and planet texture in the Homebase screen.
  • The Index panel will now display unit names as well.
  • Several slight visual improvements were made to the Index.
  • The hanger UI has received some visual updates and will additionally remember the selected viewing option.
  • Credit costs in the market are now abbreviated.
  • The App tracking dialog has received a facelift. (iOS)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to sign in to multiple different alliances per day.
  • Fixed several issues with side notifications.
  • Fixed an issue causing arena defense combats to show up in the arena attack history.
  • Fixed an issue with misaligned columns in the skill panel.
  • Fixed an issue with drone attack VFX sometimes being slower/faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue with beam attacks not correctly fading out.
  • Fixed some issues with the Quick reconnect logic.
  • Connecting to an out-of-date version will now properly direct to the App Store.