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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes July 31st

Mon Jul 31 2023 (Updated: Fri Aug 11 2023) - 1 min read



  • We have added a new panel displaying all existing Alliances.
    Additionally, we have introduced various updates and fixes to the Alliance UIs.
    • Leaders and officers can now view player info in the application tab.
    • Better formatting for the list of damage dealt to the Vault.
    • More details in Bug Fixes.
  • A new toggle in the equipment filter to list to only show equipped items has been added.


Amended - August 8th 2023

  • All Legendary ships have had some of their refit bonuses adjusted.
    • Refit 3 -> 20% Crit. Damage
    • Refit 6 -> 10% Power & 10% HP
    • Refit 6 -> 10% Defense & 10% HP
    • Refit 3 -> 15% Defense
    • Refit 6 -> 10% Defense & 10% HP
    • Refit 3 -> 15% HP
    • Refit 5 -> 30 Hacking
    • Refit 6 -> 10% Crit. Chance & 10% HP

UI & Visual Changes

  • Updated the visuals for Expert and Elite beacons.
The new look for Expert and Elite beacons

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in the Alliance Daily check-in pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue with the missing level on Alliance member icons.
  • Fixed an issue with the misaligned content header in the Vault Damage list.
  • Fixed various issues with how text is displayed in the Alliance chat preview.
  • Fixed some loading screen typos.
  • Fixed an issue with equipment inventory scroll position resetting when equipping items.
  • Fixed an issue with the clickable area for Butcher in the Contract Guide rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with skills being clickable in combat despite not being visible.
  • Fixed an issue with the Energy "+" button in the combat panel not being fully clickable.
  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect icons for skill upgrade items to be used in the store.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Multi-buy option to be enabled in the store.