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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes May 15th

Mon May 15 2023 (Updated: Mon May 15 2023) - 1 min read



  • Moved Fragment crafting into the Recruitment Panel
  • Added a Pity Counter to the Recruitment Panel
  • Changed the bounce animation when claiming Rewards
  • Improved the Tutorial experience
The new Sustainer Character art

UI & Visual Changes

  • Swapped artwork for Demolisher and Crusher
  • Updated artwork for Asphyxiator
  • Updated artwork for Panon
  • Updated artwork for Sustainer
  • Updated artwork for Curator
  • Updated artwork for Sentinel
  • Updated artwork for Sansi
  • Updated the Tutorial highlight asset

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various UI issues in the Battle Pass
  • Fixed an issue where some sound effects played while muted in the settings
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to not receive their reward after giving feedback though the rating popup
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a unit from the tray over an already placed one could move both units to a single hex
  • Fixed an issue where tapping anywhere and dragging over an already placed unit would pick it up
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Boss damage summary did not include the last round

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