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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes November 13th

Mon Nov 13 2023 (Updated: Mon Nov 13 2023) - 3 min read



  • Skill Neurons can now be upgraded in our new Synthesis system.
    Check it out in the Workshop.
  • We have added a Implant breakdown feature.
  • A counter for the Implant fragments, resulting from the above-mentioned breakdown, hase been added to the implant panel.
  • We have implemented a sytem to reset units and refund the resources invested into them.
    We will announce when resets for specific units become available.


  • Minor and Major implant stats have been buffed considerably.
  • Reflect status effect and retaliation passives were changed to now trigger when the ship is the primary target of an AoE attack.
    The reflect damage is now also affected by Defense.
    This change affects: Reflect I/II/III, the Reflect equipment set, and the passive abilities of Stalwart and Nosorog.
  • Refit stat bonuses have been adjusted.
    Refit 6 stats were buffed for all Legendary units. Stat bonuses for all refit levels were lowered for Epic units and further lowered for units of rarity Rare and lower.
  • All Legendary Defenders had their baseline HP, Defense, and Security stats buffed.
  • Asphyxiator's basic active now applies Inferno to the main target as well as to all enemies adjacent to it.
    The charged active now also applies Inferno III for 3 turns and the required charges were lowered to 3 down from 4.
  • Demolisher's Refit 3 now improves Hacking instead of Crit. Damage.
  • Iridium's passive now also Purges when triggered.
  • Nuqtu's basic active now also deals damage based on 80% of DEF, charged active now also deals damage based on 100% of DEF, and her pattern was changed to a line pattern.
    The passive was also reworked to now Cleanse her and give her Terran Bolster III instead of repair.
  • Paracelsus's passive revenge damage was lowered from 150% of Max HP dealt as damage down to 50% of Max HP.
  • Ravager's Basic active now applies Inferno III for 3 turns up from Inferno II for 2 turns.
    The Charged active now applies Inferno III for 3 turns up from 2 turns
    The refit was also changed to now trigger when applying a debuff instead of when a debuff is resisted.
  • Ruiner's passive was changed to now trigger when an enemy performs a repair on themselves instead of a repair on any target.
    The refitted passive Overload stack limit was also reduced to 5.
  • Sansi was reworked an no longer applies Defense Up to herself as part of her basic active.
    Now the basic active applies Provoke and the Charged active gains Taunt and Block Attacks.
  • Stalwart's passive damage was lowered and now has a 30% ATK at base down from 70% ATK and a 70% ATK down from 100% ATK with Refit 2.
  • Sustainer's basic and charged active now have a small pattern.
  • Volk's passive was changed to now target other allies with the most missing HP.
  • Zeolite's active skills now have a pattern.
    The required charges of the charged active were lowered to 2 down from 4.
    The charged active now applies EMP Charged I instead of II.
    The order of damage and debuffs in the basic and charged active were changed.
  • Zosimos's charged active required charges lowered to 5 down from 8.
    The passive and refit were also changed.
    The passive now gives her a charge fill whenever an enemy performs a repair, while the refit also makes that enemy lose charge, but that can be triggered only once every other enemy repair.

UI & Visual Changes

  • Slight visual updates to Implants.
  • Enhanced graphics for battle scenes in the Marauder and Terran campaign missions.
  • Improved combat damage numbers animations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed boss damage number in combat not being in-sync with the end of combat result screen.

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