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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes November 3rd

Fri Nov 03 2023 - 1 min read



  • IonScorp's active skill pattern was changed to match the patterns of Valiant and Medved.
    The skill upgrade that increased the patterns size is now instead a +10% damage increase for the basic active.
  • Faust's passive and refitted passive were changed to now Purge instead of Cleanse like they were initially meant to.

  • Cheat Death no longer removes unremovable status effects when it is triggered.
  • Shield points are now capped to the maximum HP of a unit at all times.
  • Bombs splash damage was reduced from 50% to 25%.
  • Bombs no longer penetrate Shields.

  • Abyss Harvester spawns should now properly spawn in the same lane as the boss when spawning on the first free hex in the row with the fewest allies.
  • The Abyss gatekeepers Nizar Idris and Scorched Pest had their overall damage throughput lowered.
  • The Abyss gatekeeper Celeste Morrow's had their refitted passive fixed, and it will now properly trigger when the boss is hit by a shield-piercing attack.
  • The Hacking and Security stats were lowered for Abyss bosses.

  • Skill descriptions that previously mentioned "damage (except DoTs)" now instead say "direct damage", which now always means a direct hit, and excludes all Damage over Time effects (Inferno & Corrosion) and delayed Damage (Bomb).
  • Miscellaneous skill description improvements, mostly for skills that inject or apply multiple status effects with the same duration.
    Now each of the skill description lines should properly mention the duration.

UI & Visual Changes

  • We have added an in-engine cinematic that plays when entering a chapter for the first time after clicking the campaign chapter node in the Starmap.
    The cinematic won't play for current users who have already completed the first level of each chapter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several issues causing missing connections to nodes in the Abyss season 2.
  • Fixed issue that caused "clear depth x" achievements to not be completed if the last node that was completed was a merchant node.

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