Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes September 18th | Starborne

Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes September 18th

Mon Sep 18 2023 (Updated: Mon Sep 18 2023) - 2 min read



  • Added a mute option in the Sound Settings.
  • Beacon tutorial units are now locked by default,
    to prevent the accidental sacrifice of these units in early unit promotions.
  • The Skill panel is now locked until the player has unlocked Anomalies.
  • Detonate [x] is now a keyword and has an in-game explanation.
  • Combat Popup Text:
    • All instances of Repair over Time and Damage over Time effects on a unit are now combined and visualized simultaneously, while still displaying individual numbers.
    • Text can now overlap and animates much faster.
  • Support for 32bit devices has been dropped.


  • Liberator's refitted passive can now only give them an extra action once per round.
  • Sokol's refitted passive can now only give them an extra action once per round.

UI & Visual Changes

  • Added an indicator displaying how many times a substat has been upgraded in an Equipment piece.
  • Updated the Settings UI.
  • Added new skill VFX for Orel, Bizon, Volk, Guardian, and Provider.
  • Improved the texture quality of ship models in the Unit Management screen.
  • Implemented commas as thousands separators to increase readability for large damage and repair numbers.
  • Unified number formatting in more parts of the UI:
    • Alliance Activity Numbers
    • HP and Total Damage Numbers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused set item indicators to not update properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the interaction between Damage over Time detonation skills and the Decimation set.
  • Fixed an issue with the red dot notification displaying on alliance chat for a player's own actions.
  • Fixed an issue with missing red dot notifications for progressions offers in the Homebase screen.
  • Fixed an issue where unit portraits would be off by one in the turn order queue.
  • Fixed an issue with the turn order queue not showing the name of the currently active unit.
  • Fixed an int overflow when selling Equipment.
    The wallet could become negative by selling a lot of Equipment.