Patch 9.15.1 – Change Log

PATCH 9.15.1
Wednesday, July 31st. @ 13:00 GMT.

User Interface

  • New Avatar system that is split into Portraits and Backgrounds
  • New vanity item type: Explosions
  • Overhauled Store panel
  • Overhauled Settings panel
  • New Politics sub-panel: My Profile


  • Most store Offers are now account limited instead of server limited:
    • Account limited:
      • Cards (Research Grants)
      • Customization (all)
      • Factions (all)
      • Special Offers
        • Starter Packs (all)
        • Weekly Bundles (Blueprint & Research)
        • Founder’s Pack
      • Daily Supplies (all)
    • Server limited:
      • Cards (all except Research Grants)
      • Special Offers
        • Weekly Bundles (Build-R & Traders)


  • Multiple fixes in the Politics panel. (Overhaul of the panel is still planned)
  • Fixed bug where Topbar values in the Tasks, Inventory and Store panels wouldn’t update
  • Fixed FOB model texture (no more pink industrials below the station)