Patch b2.18 – Change Log

New HUD The design team has been working on upgrading the look of the main interface, which is now unified with the other panels, as long as a couple of new or changed features. That includes: A new tooltip design, restyled and its width constrained for readability. The focus movement button on the fleets items

Meet the Players: Mortar

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Majid Chebani. I am originally from Morocco, but I have lived in France for 16 years and I am French now since 5 years. For the people who is asking themselves about the picture of the tiger. I was in a refuge where they

Patch b2.17 – Change Log

Changed Politics alliance side panel now shows (some) statistics. Fixed Dyson Shell rankings are now updated when damaged or destroyed by an Assault. All empire borders are now rendered correctly. Reclaiming now works again. Dropping and reclaiming on contested hexes now works again also. Rankings color column no longer multiplies when typing in the search

Executive Assistant

[INITIALIZE: photonic resonance – modulating holographic matrix; run set x1.08.y9.01.z.78] [ASSESS: location: the office of the First Citizen: 20mx20m² room; nanoplastic flooring / walls; LED ceiling set to ambient oscillation; a block of sunlight 5mx7.5m² slanting at 28° from the base of the south window; time: 18:29:59] [ASSESS: physical actors: 1: “First Citizen Xander Laurent”;