Starborne: Beta Dev Blog #001

Welcome Commanders, to the very first (of many more to come) Dev Blogs from us here at Solid Clouds. Things have been somewhat quiet on our end, the month of July is typically a holiday amongst the Nordic countries, but with the team back in the office it’s time to change that! So, what have

Adding Value to the Map

Welcome Commanders to another delicious Dev Blog for Starborne: Sovereign Space. With our Dissidence Update fast approaching on the 1st of October, we are dedicating this blog to a new feature we are very excited about: new hex effects! One of the teething problems we are tackling from previous Starborne maps was the lack of

The Music of Starborne

Solid Clouds proudly presents the debut release of the Starborne Soundtrack. It was created in collaboration with two very talented, composers Kjartan Holm and Paul Corley. Also included are the classic songs that accompanied us through our alpha stages, which surely will give our community a sense of nostalgia those lofty days before the Open


As we near the release date for the Starborne: Dissidence Update, Our UI/UX guru, Kai (also known as iMaple) has put together a post detailing our workflow and design goals with the redesign of the politics panel. This is one of Starborne’s heaviest UIs with a storied history to say the least, and we are

Dissidence Update

The mood in the Solid Clouds’ office is bubbling with excitement. After several months into our ambitious release schedule, we’re excited to finally announce that the first major update for the Starborne Open Beta is just around the corner. Featuring an entirely new, handcrafted map, reworked to one single victory condition, with significant ranking changes

First Dead Zone Season

Starting on the Saturday 12th of September, we will be embarking Dead Zone – the three hour game mode of Starborne – on to it’s first ever Season. Games will be open to everyone; as the gates are truly being flung open wide for all seeking galactic dominance in this high intensity RTS experience. The

Patch b1.14 – Change Log

New Notifications now have timestamps! Changed Sector names now face the same direction. Deadzone policies will not be displayed on Sovereign Space servers. Fixed Map Pin title and description no longer move outside their input fields. Fixed toggling show/hide movements on the map. Sectors without icons no longer display a black opaque square. The resource