Tournament Server Update | Starborne

Tournament Server Update

Thu Dec 05 2019 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read



It’s been a rocky week. The launch of the Tournament Server did not go as planned, and many of you experienced serious technical issues that hurt the competitive environment we wished to provide. We’ve been addressing the issues day and night as they came up, but the damage has been done. Where do we go from here?

Our goal with this server is to have an exciting end to the alpha test era of Starborne, and that has not changed. After our roundtable discussion with you on Tuesday, we have decided to apply the following changes to the Tournament Server:

  • The Tournament Server will open to everyone at 15:00 GMT today. The 6 Station/Premium entry requirements will be removed.
  • Requirements for victory rewards will be reduced and become more accessible to all participants on the server. We will share more details about this very soon
  • Players who have joined between Sunday 15:00 GMT and Thursday 15:00 GMT and experienced the brunt of technical issues will receive a free Space Flu themed avatar portrait and background

We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to the community for sticking with us and helping us find a solution that works for everyone. Rest assured, we are not abandoning the Tournament Server as a concept – we will return it to the development chambers, do a full post-mortem, apply the lessons learned and relaunch it next year.

Onwards and upwards!

Solid Clouds – CEO