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Abyss Summary

Thu Sep 07 2023 (Updated: Thu Sep 07 2023) - 3 min read

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We are excited to introduce an exploration of The Abyss, our upcoming game mode coming to Starborne: Frontiers. Let's dive into what you can expect.

What is the Abyss?

The Abyss is an exploration-rich game mode with multiple depths. Unveil the mysteries of this seasonal game mode that constantly challenges you with new encounters and obstacles.

Uncover a variety of nodes that feature tough bosses, rare resources, and choices to make.

A deep narrative lies hidden behind The Abyss, waiting to unravel as you venture through the void. The Abyss is scattered with resource-rich clusters and looks unlike any area of the galaxy you've ever encountered.

Let's break down some of the features!


The Abyss is made up of clusters, each containing several nodes which unlock sequentially. Clusters bring varying challenges and can contain gameplay modifiers that affect the nodes within them. Looking to move on from your current cluster? You will have to make your way to the travel nodes in each cluster to uncover the neighboring clusters and traverse to them.


Nodes don’t just serve as a way to warp to new clusters, they also add an element of surprise to the Abyss. When visiting a node, you may come across some of the following unique scenarios.

Combat encounters

Face powerful enemies, including tough bosses. You may also be faced with strategic challenges, like winning using only rare units. Be victorious and earn Abyss points, that can be exchanged for useful rewards, including Platinum and Specialist Beacons.

Scan for loot

As you traverse this new and exciting territory, your ship’s scanners may reveal some hidden resources. Will you collect the resources or up the stakes and collect even more, even at risk of a loss? It is upto you to decide.

But loot isn’t the only thing you can collect. As you traverse the Abyss, collect hidden data core fragments for a new unit.


There are 2 types of events that you can uncover at the moment, Merchants and Command Decisions. Decisions will see you taking big risks and making sacrifices to earn rewards dictated by your choices.

Merchants are profiting from the abundant resources found in the Abyss, and if you have the credits they’ve got the goods.

There are 2 merchants you can encounter. The open and dependable Captain Mara and Willy Gamish. With Mara, you know exactly what you are getting, Willy Gamish on the other hand is not so honest and a little bit shady. You just gotta trust his deals are the best in the galaxy. Of course, the further you delve into the Abyss, the better the deals offered to you.


Wormholes will warp you into a whole new depth of unexplored space. Will you choose to stay on your current depth level, or venture deeper?

Finally, let's look at seasons. Seasons change every month, adding variation to the game mode, keeping it fresh and giving you new surprises when you explore.

Each depth has an affinity that changes every 5 depths. Each season you can expect the order of these affinities to change. You will also see that the map is different, with a new layout of clusters and nodes. Additionally, experience new combat encounters, events nodes and even some new rewards.

Thank you for reading our first Abyss summary.
We can’t wait for you to embark on this exciting new adventure when the Abyss releases.

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