Change Log - 8.8.1 | Starborne

Change Log - 8.8.1

Thu Mar 28 2019 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read


Patch Notes for version 8.8.1

New Launcher
– We have a new launcher! The framework for it will be included today, and the launcher itself will come tomorrow.

– Returning to positive labor now removes out of supply indicator on fleets.
– Streaming assets has been fixed.
– The extreme glow in Politics has been fixed.
– Exploration view mode is no longer extremely grayed out.
– Added a link to the bug report page into the game.
– All freighters are no longer displayed as available after re-logging after you send them out.
– No more infinite loading if you create an alliance with an already used name.
– Building a station no longer interrupts the event (tasks) in progress.

Performance improvements
– Implemented new performance monitoring.
– Optimized return movements and achievement trigger system.
– Optimized movement validation for Return movements with cargo.
– Optimized the vision system.