Change Log - 9.1.3 | Starborne

Change Log - 9.1.3

Fri Apr 19 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 2 min read


Major Gameplay Changes

-Coalition alliance capacity changed.
-Base amount of alliances you get per coalition by capturing the DS is 2.
-You can construct and upgrade the Federate Court Building to increase the cap to 4 max.
Note: to prevent any coalition from simply gathering all major alliances into a single coalition, this change was needed. We want the end game to be one of conflict and political deals, not solely of political deals.
-Conquering a station now destroys all outposts of that station, not solely the unique buildings.
-Note: After due consideration we believe that gaining outposts while conquering stations is simply too powerful and we’d rather start our tests of the conquest feature on the safe side and improve its potential later if need be.


-Fixed policies with empty level descriptions.
-Fixed Heavy Duty policy to award percentage bonuses instead of integer bonuses.
-Mining Colony description updated where it erroneously stated it harvested resource fields normally.
-Fixed several typos hither and thither about the game.
-Fixed Fleet Docks reducing time cost for Patrol Ships by 3%/lvl, now gives 2% as it should.
-Fixed the XP value for Daily Challenges, each now gives 30% of current level instead of 25%.
-The tasks for building the Navy base now properly give Patrol Ships as rewards.
-Fixed where the Habitation Dome erroneously was requiring labor upkeep.
-Fixed an error that caused error spam in Tasks.
-Sabotage movement icon in the game now.
-While we have not found the root of the problem, player with empty names is now fixed when the server restarts.
-Fixed the search function politics.
-Fixed an error which allowed you to spam accelerants even though some were never applied despite being spent.
-Fixed one error which caused ui freeze.
-Fixed an error where spamming the tabs in policies caused the ui in those tabs to curdle up and die.
-Fixed an error where assets weren’t loading properly in the inventory and policy tabs.
-Fixed an error where players about to choose a faction had one chosen for them.
-You can now check a checkmark to have fleets on build station movements return instead of staying at the newly built station.
-Fixed an error that when building mining facilities the UI claimed a requirement was missing when they were satisfied.
-Upgrading policies now has the countdown timer at double speed while premium is in effect. Research Grants always apply to the base time so total time is static but it’s ticking at double rate properly under premium.
-Fixed an error where fleets moved at 1 speed after augmenting.