Patch 9.8.1 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch 9.8.1 – Change Log

Wed Jun 12 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 2 min read


Hello everyone, and welcome to the change log for Patch 9.8.1! The changes are as followed:


– Damaged/inoperational/out-of-supply missile batteries & fortresses are excluded from combat.
– Fleets that are out of supply do not join combat as fortress interceptors.
– Scouts participate in combat as fortress interceptors in Assaults, Raids & Sabotages
– Outpost level changes are now shown instantly to other players (that have vision)


– Scheduled movements now have their speed calculated and locked in when scheduled instead of when they depart.
– Cards can no longer be removed from fleets that are waiting to depart.

User Interface

– Selecting a player/alliance in politics panel only loads the mini panel once.
– Map Operation panel closes when the camera moves to another station via double clicking them in a player’s profile.
– Daily challenges now always show correct images.
– Alliance Movements:

  • Info tabs are now briefing
  • Info tabs have been added with correct info from sheets
  • Button colors in the briefing have been changed to display the correct ones.

– Rename fleet dialog:

  • Closes when confirmed.
  • Confirm button disabled if the name has not been changed.
  • Name check no longer gives false negative when reaching the empire fleet limit.

– The Add Fleet buttons in the station HUD & logistics panel are now disabled when the empire fleet limit has been reached.
– Canceling the Assign Policy confirmation window doesn’t break the policy selection.
– Reworked Hangar access (Withdraw|Deposit|Change Type&Disband).

  • Own stations (Yes|Yes|Yes).
  • Other players stations (No|No|No).
  • Alliance station (Yes|Yes|Yes).
  • Forward Operating Bases & Dyson Spheres (Yes|No|No) Enabled to recover stuck ships, will be disabled in the future.

– Combat report now shows stats of ships in the hangar (firepower and hit points).
– Accelerant window no longer shows false Build-R cards that were already used.
– Progress reward now automatically selects the next unclaimed reward.


– The three Build-R card offers purchasable via platinum in the store are now fixed to the 30, 60 and 120 Minute variants throughout the game.
– The two Trader card offers purchasable via platinum in the store will change from Continental Trader and Planetary Trader to Planetary Trader and Stellar.
– Trader respectively on day 15 of each game.
– The Build-R and Trader card offers purchasable via credits in the store are now fixed to the 15 Minute variant and Local Trader throughout the game.
– The weekly purchase limit of the 120 Minute Build-R card offer in the store has been increased to 5.


– Alliance Station’s sabotage protection raised to 80.000, up from 10.000.
– Dyson Sphere’s sabotage protection set to 100.000.
– Fleet experience for sabotaging stations lowered to 50, down from 200.

Coalitions & Dyson Sphere

– Coalition size reduced to 3, down from 4.
– The Federal Court building in the Dyson Sphere now only has one level. Its total resource cost has been reduced to 10.500.000 resources, down from 30.000.000 (you now only need a level 7 Magazine to house the resources required to build Federal Court, down from level 10).


– Reworded Atlas claim strength bonus to state Station Claim Strength to avoid confusion with Fortress claim strength.
– Added a link to a FAQ in the welcome screen.


– Armed Drones now grants 1 hex radius of influence to Missile Batteries, down from 2 and reduces their firepower by 4000, down from 8000.


– Fixed a bug where players were unable to freight to their Alliance Station.