Starborne: Frontiers - Patch notes February 21st 2023 | Starborne

Starborne: Frontiers - Patch notes February 21st 2023

Mon Feb 20 2023 (Updated: Thu Feb 23 2023) - 1 min read



  • Alliance bosses can now be selected to show a skill preview before the encounter is started
  • Alliance boss loot tables have been updated


  • Small UI update for the Empty Inventory UI
  • Visual fixes for the Equipment Selling UI
  • Selling equipment now has a loading animation
  • Updated Turn Order animations
  • Added a Charged Skill notification in combat
  • Updated UI for the Beginner Guide

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could keep players from completing Step 27 of the 3rd questline
  • Fixed an issue causing side notifications to appear in the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue causing star rewards not displaying their proper claim state
  • Fixed ambient lighting and missing for in the initial Tutorial Combat scene
  • Fixed unit spotlights not resetting between combat waves in the Tutorial Combat scene
  • Fixed some homing projectiles not homing fast enough
  • Improved performance of the initial Tutorial Combat
  • Fixed issues with account registration
  • Fixed some Alliance UI issues
  • Fixed some Account UI issues
  • Fixed Alliance Boss names
  • Fixed some Banner visuals in the Homebase screen
  • Fixed a broken material rendering for Android emulators
  • Fixed UI freeze after usage of the Energy Popup UI
  • Fixed issue with automatic Energy Popup UI stopping Multi Battles
  • Fixed issue with lighting in Recruitment UI
  • Sorting in Hangar now defaults to "Level"
  • Fixed issues with filters
  • Fixed button placement for certain devices
  • Fixed issue with Campaign encounter star visuals not updating correctly on additional replays
  • Fixed how claimed rewards are displayed