Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes March 22nd 2023 | Starborne

Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes March 22nd 2023

Wed Mar 22 2023 - 2 min read



  • Game memory usage lowered significantly
  • More currencies now have shortcuts leading to places where they can be acquired
  • The Rank and Refit screens now list locked Units and clearly display the locked state


  • Stasis now only breaks on direct damage.
    DoTs and Bombs can now damage stasised units without ending Stasis early.
  • Provoke has been made irresistible unless stated otherwise.
  • Stealth set changed to now require 2 pieces of gear.
    It now provides 2 turns of Stealth.
    This set effect does not stack.
  • Hacking and Security refit bonuses increased to 30 up from 20 & 15
  • Anemone - HP increased.
    Basic Active now applies Corrosion.
    Out. Damage Down debuff lowered to 2 down from 3.
  • Iridium - Refit stat bonuses changed to increase Hacking and HP instead of Security and Defense.
  • Panon - Terran Guard is now part of the Basic Active.
    Charged Active now gives Block Attacks for 1 hit.
  • Sansi - HP and Speed increased.
    Basic Active now applies Defense Up to self instead of Defense Down to enemies.
    Refit Passive now also completely fills her charge at the start of combat.
  • Voron - HP increased.
    Basic Active no longer applies Speed Down.
    Charged Active now removes 1 buff down from 2, but is irresistible, regardless of his Hacking stat.
  • Warden - HP decreased.
    Basic Active now applies Provoke instead of Corrosion.
    Provoke removed from Charged Active.
    Passive now applies Corrosion for a shorter duration, and Repair slightly decreased.
  • Yazid - Refitted Passive can now only activate once per battle.
    Refit stat bonuses changed to increase Defense instead of HP.
  • Shelter - Refitted Passive Block Damage reduced to 1 turn.
    Added Incoming Damage Down 2 for 3 turns when Passive activates.
IonScorp's new animated character portrait

UI & Visual Changes

Updated the following units to have animated character portraits:

  • IonScorp
  • Zosimos
  • Yuyan
  • Nuqtu
  • Sha Xing
  • Obsidian
  • Yazid
  • Opal
  • Kinetic

Bug Fixes

  • The Alliance boss now rotates weekly based on UTC time for everyone
  • Fixed crashes when loading the Cinematic intro on some devices
  • Fixed black screen in Campaign panel when resetting the account
  • Fixed Campaign map locked chapter label sizes
  • Fixed issues with Previous Unit and Next Unit buttons sometimes not working in the Unit Management panel
  • Fixed an issue with the Previous Unit button placement in the Unit Management panel
  • Fixed issues with "When damaged" passives. They now activate only when direct damage was dealt by an enemy.