Patch 9.10.1 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch 9.10.1 – Change Log

Tue Jun 25 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 1 min read


User Interface

  • Settings Panel
    • now appears on ‘escape’ press
    • optimized and updated design
    • added FPS Limiter option
  • Changed max fleets tooltip text and color when the button is inactive
  • Changed button text for movements when no fleet is selected
  • Swapped cancel and confirm buttons on rename station (to stay consistent over the whole UI)

Gameplay / Balance

  • Structures can be built on hexes with active missions
  • Forwards Operating Bases sabotage protection set to 80.000.
  • The following policies now affect the total flat value of their targeted stats instead of only the stat’s base value.
    • Army First
    • Populace First
    • Industry First
    • Heavy Duty
    • Pillars of Industry
    • Nationalization
    • Overkill
    • Elite Navy
    • Localization
    • Total War
    • Resettlement
    • Justified Hostilities
    • Pre-emptive Demolition
    • Centralization
    • Land Leasing
    • Saftey Regulations
    • Protective State
    • Monitor the People
    • Worker Regulations
    • Gemini Express
  • The following factions now affect the total flat value of their targeted stats instead of only the stat’s base value
    • Terran Combine, resource cost reduction for buildings.
    • Mars Prosper League, station resource generation.
  • Added a description to Tianchao to clarify that parts of the faction’s ability does not stack with a policy.
  • Fixed a spelling error on Rabble Squad.
  • Filtration Installation and Carbocubicles bonuses changed from percentage to flat.


  • Cards can now be crafted if you have the exact amount of credits needed.
  • Battle reports no longer show a ? if a defender had no fleets
  • Sabotage reports now support longest possible alliance names and participants information is no longer collapsed when a report is opened
  • Changed spelling error in the welcome popup. (“urther” to “further”)
  • Changed wording for popup warning when adding orders to queues you can not afford.
  • Fixed the upgrade information in the map operation panel when upgrading the Habitation Dome, it now correctly displays the labor bonus for the upgrade level.