Patch 9.4.1 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch 9.4.1 - Change Log

Thu May 09 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 3 min read


Hello everyone, welcome to the patch notes for Patch 9.4.1! We will be applying this patch at 1700 UTC today, so read about the bug fixes and gameplay changes below and put yourself ahead of the pack!


-Players can now disband empty fleets wherever they are.
-Movement UI is now properly readable in Exploration View Mode.
-Alliance members now get a notification for incoming attacks on their Alliance Station.
-Removed obsolete warning about empire events not finishing before weekly reset.
-Spy reports now show the actual amount of hidden resources (if the feature is unlocked).
-Claiming achievements while the server lags can no longer break the client.
-Building Overview now updates properly when you click the Upgrade or Downgrade buttons.
-Using the last card of a stack now removes it from the UI.
-Unveil the Universe policy name changed to Unveil Universe.


Fixed a bug where …
-Attacker station was wrongfully set as defender station in assault combat.
-Unit models got turned upside down on movements.
-Outposts were randomly disabled.
-The movement UI didn’t recognize Sophie Solheim and Emeryn Grace while doing missions.
-Troop Carriers that successfully took over a station and ended up with zero ships after combat would not be put on their supplying station if they ended up with zero ships. They now do so.
-Resource streams weren’t cancelled when Trading Port was removed or disabled.
-Resource streams could not be changed once set.
-Destroying a Stargate would cancel movements targeting its owning station.
-You couldn’t change a fleet’s type if it had multiple timed cards.
-Daily Challenge screen broke during the update of challenges.
-Players had to relog to remove ghost fleets of removed players.
-Players could assign the same policy twice.
-Players could equip cards on moving fleets.
-Alliance applications didn’t work for all alliances.
-Buildings got stuck on ‘finishing’ (the UI will still show it if the server can’t keep up with the players, but it will resolve itself when the server catches up).
-Buildings displayed administrator warnings when built.
-Administrators weren’t being unlocked on leveling a station.
-The Code Redemption UI was not usable.
-Military Intelligence erroneously gave penalties to station spy defense.
-Army First, Populace First and Industry First policies where not affecting the gas and crystal cost of buildings.
-Total War policy now properly affect the time cost of units.
-Merchant Fleet policy wasn’t properly affecting freighters.
-Bonuses from Ship Assemblies did not appear in various UIs and tooltips.
-Military Intelligence policy wasn’t properly revealing hidden resources.
-Assert Authority policy didn’t work.


-Removed speed, firepower and hit point bonuses that were being erroneously given to scouts under the Atlas Syndicate faction.
-Fixed an error where Packaging Line erroneously fit the engineering slot instead of the system slot.
-Dyson Spheres and Forward Operating Bases were erroneously starting with buildings.
-Fixed an error where Alliance Logistics Base was requiring too much resources for levels 1 and 2.
-Fixed an issue where Administration Office and Astro Farm buildings were erroneously requiring labor upkeep and where Department of Infrastructure and Docking Bay were not requiring labor upkeep.


-Frontier Legion fleets now gain 30% more experience instead of starting on rank 2.
-Deep Space Patrols now grants 24/28/32/36/40 firepower to Patrol Ships and Scouts while doing missions, up from 12/14/16/18/20.
-Gemini Express now grants 4/5/6/7/8% cargo to industrial fleets instead of -10/-9/-8/-7/-6%.
-Support Network has had its penalty to freighter speed removed. It now grants two additional streamers per Trading Port and increases freighter speed by 3/4/5/6/7.
-Scramble now grants two speed instead of one to all light fleets.
-Frontier Piracy, Cartography and Trucker’s Union now reduce the resource cost of Corvettes, Scouts and Industrials (respectively) by 8/11/14/17/20%, up from 6/7/8/9/10%.
-Border Security no longer gives a labor penalty to light fleets but increases the firepower of scout units by 6/7/8/9/10.
-Battle Stations now grants 2 speed to attacking fleets, up from 1.
-Packaging Line and Magnetic Containers now work and have had their streamer bonus increased to 2 and 5, up from 1 and 3 respectively.