Patch a11.12 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch a11.12 – Change Log

Thu Mar 26 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read



  • Animated avatars can be picked and show up with animation.
  • Rookie badge can now be earned by completing the Tutorial achievements.
  • Map pin list shows an indicator when an alliance pin was added by another empire.


  • All store panels now have the right banner.
  • Sizes of store side tabs are now all the same.
  • Made some quality-of-life improvements to the achievements panel.
  • Mouse pointer hit-box should be more accurate now.
  • Trading Port now shows resource income in the tooltip.
  • A bunch of map changes.


  • Welcome rewards are working again.
  • Movement lines are back!
  • Policy effects now load correctly on login again.
  • Notifications now show up on login again.
  • Harvest ships show up again.
  • Fixed a bug in the Outpost discovery system.
  • Fixed login issues some are having after joining an alliance.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Help’ button was not working.


  • Tianchao
    • Fixed a spelling error and updated an outdated building reference in its desription.
  • Terran Combine
    • Increased the speed bonus to solar flare harvesting to 5, up from 3.
  • Atlas
    • Scan probes now additionally gain +1 scan radius.
  • Frontier Legion
    • Fixed a spelling error in its description.


  • APEX Mining Laser and Resource Silos cards now have the correct calculation attribute so their functionality is correct in case some additions are made in the future (it always was correct this is simply to anticipate future changes to the Mining Colony).
  • Descriptions on several cards updated to new standards.


  • Frachead Assembly
    • Harvest rate bonus to Mining Facilities reduced to 15% per level, down from 25%.
  • The Seat
    • Now grants 1000 labor on level 1 (no increments per level).
  • Trucker’s Hall
    • Fixed an issue where it used Drone Launch Facility‘s picture. It has yet to receive an icon so it’s empty for the time being.