Patch a11.13 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch a11.13 – Change Log

Sun Mar 29 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 3 min read



  • The Launcher will automatically upload client’s output logs when submitting bugs via the the Bug Report button!


  • Reworked Chat Panel focus. Sending a message no longer loses focus; unless the text input is empty in which case the focus is restored to the main keyboard short cut controls.
  • Improved sizing and readability of map pins, mission widgets, and solar flare mission widgets.
  • Solar Flares will now show in the resource view.
  • Inner PvE Sectors now look better on the Sector Overlay screen.
  • Added back panel to the Station UI panel to increase readability.
  • Added a tooltip for station influence to 2 decimal places in the Station UI panel in the UI.
  • Reduced fade time on dialog pop-ups.
  • Visually updated the many UI components in the MyAlliance and AllianeDetails panels.
  • NPC fleets will now have cards randomly assigned to them from various pools.
  • Achievements requiring players to clear specific NPC stations will now only trigger when completely cleared and only when the movement used is a raid.


  • Fixed an issue with notifications when stations gained or lost control of strategic/key hexes.
  • Alliance members without permission can no longer queue buildings on FOBs and Dyson Spheres.
  • The Station Planner shows proper building information even when a player doesn’t have permission to build there.
  • Shop card offers now show the correct currency types.
  • When using number keys for map pin navigation, the current station won’t become deselected.
  • Outposts can now be sabotaged via the context menu.
  • Daily Rewards are now called Login Rewards.
  • Fixed an issue in the launcher layers should no longer be able to join a server that is under maintenance.
  • Movement indicator tooltips localized and should no longer show unknown unless the movement type is actually unknown.
  • Habitation dome now displays resources harvested in the tooltip as well as streaming power bonuses if any.
  • Level 4 NPCs can now be spied upon.
  • The Mission panel now shows correctly whether the escort requirement is fulfilled or not.
  • Empty notification warnings removed from tabs.
  • Map Pins tab in panel working again.
  • Upgrade policies sub-panel shows an indicator when there is no research active.
  • Fix policies panel tab warning for no research active.
  • Joining/Leaving alliances now longer requires a client restart.
  • Fixed issue where dismissing dialogs and fullscreen panels quickly would cause keyboard shortcuts
    to behave erratically.
  • Fixed missing content for dropdowns in the Logistics -> Stations management panel
  • Fixed Logistics -> Fleets Panel not correctly filtering fleets by current station location
  • The icon for the client now matches the style used in the new logo.



  • Assault movements now have a stealth value of 0, down from 100.
  • Raid movements now have a stealth value of 0, down from 100.


  • NPC raid lethality increased from 25% to 50%.
  • Tooltip text for Binderburg and Gelecek updated so that their locations are discussed correctly. The tooltip should connect to their locations properly now.
  • Tooltips for stations that are indestructible now say so.
  • All NPC fleets now have a chance to have hardpoint, hull and utility cards on their fleets.
  • New level 4 NPC, XAOC Pits.
    • Player name: XAOC Pit Master.
    • 4 radius station with +3 claim strength.
    • 1600 pats, 2400 frigs, 18 carriers.
    • Their own tooltip.
    • Located in arms, blocking MC spots.
    • New task: defeat XAOC Pits NPC.
    • Rewards Sleep Containers.


  • Removed scan strength from Alliance Stations.


  • Updated descriptions for several policies.
  • Changed Nationalization’s effect to be a Multiplier instead of a PercentageMultiplier. The output should still be 5% more MGC.
  • Worker Regulations additional harvest rate for Mining Facilities increased to 30/35/40/45/50%, up from 6/7/8/9/10% (effectively at level 5 this increases the level of all MFs by 1).


  • Grand Terrestrial output increased to 96 of each type, up from 72.
  • Added more Ice Fields and Ice Planets to the outer parts of the Spiral Arms, as well as the outer parts of the (space between arms).
  • Removed a small node from the starting locations


  • Terran Combine tooltip updated so all outposts are now under correct categories.


  • Removed Salvage Team card from the store.
  • Added a new Claim to the store “Beta Founders Claim”


  • Updated the description for APEX Mining Laser for clarity.
  • All these cards now have image IDs:
    • Big Bill Chattle (normal Bill)
    • Willard S. Gamish (foil Willy)
    • William Chattle (foil Bill)
    • Resource Compartment
    • Build Queue Extension
    • Ship Queue Extension
    • Waste Processing
    • Construction Plans
    • Fervor
    • Interstellar Logistic Secrets
    • Fame
    • Galactic Bauble
    • Cosmic Bauble
    • Military Logistics
    • Insurance House
    • Detection Array
    • Silksteel Armor
    • Basic Battery Pack
    • MPL Probe Battery
    • Probe Accumulator
    • Deuterium Power Cells
    • MPL Harvester
    • Sanctum Harvester
    • Ki-Ran Thrusters
    • Novice Scout


  • Login rewards updated with a new scheme. There are only 30 of them now. They should no longer be available depending on game age but rather on the first, second, third day that a player logs in.
  • Progress rewards (rewards for reaching a certain level in a game) now have a new scheme. They only give out Blueprint Fragments until you reach level 87 at which point they also start to give out command cards. The timing of this should roughly coincide with players completing their daily login rewards.