Patch a11.9 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch a11.9 – Change Log

Tue Mar 17 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 2 min read



  • Removed the fifth building slot from Dyson Sphere as it now only has four buildings.
  • XAOC Corvettes now gain 5 cargo while raiding only.
  • Fixed a bug where a Ship Assemblies bonus from moons was higher than intended.
  • Cargo requirements for Outpost Augmentation updated and streamlined. Augmenting an outpost now requires cargo space equal to one-third of its total resource cost.
    • Tier 1 outposts require 5,000 cargo.
    • Tier 2 outposts require 15,000 cargo.
    • Tier 3 outposts require 30,000 cargo.
    • Tier 4 outposts require 45,000 cargo.
    • Capital Ship Assembly requires 60,000 cargo.
  • Reduced the weight of rare and epic Build-R cards in mission caches.


  • Opening Sabotage reports no longer disconnects the client.
  • Station/Map pin list
    • Scrolling will not scroll the map behind it.
    • Rearranging items in lists is working again.
  • Fixed combat report loading overlay so that it blocks the report content until it finished loading.
  • Fleets you send to other players’ stations should now be visible to you without a relog.
  • Sending a visiting fleet home should now remove the fleet from your station’s fleet UI without a relog.
  • Alliance Operations
    • Only one Alliance Assault report should now be generated per participating player.
    • Alliance Assault reports should now display the correct victory icon for in the header list even if you didn’t participate in the combat with your alliance
    • Alliance movement scheduling panels should no longer disappear when creating or editing alliance movements.
    • You should no longer be spammed by “New scheduled movement” notifications when existing ones are only being edited in one way or another.
    • Alliance Assaults should now display a “Random” option, and it should now be possible to save edited alliance assaults again if the Random option is chosen.
  • Fixed bug in Logistics->Fleets panel where fleet details could overlap with other fleets.
  • Fixed timer in tactics going negative.
  • Fixed bug where alliance members without permission could send visiting fleet on AS home.
  • Context menu
    • Moved the Spy action to 1st tier of options.
    • Moved the Transfer Resources action to the Hex options.
  • Fixed Movements list items not rendering correctly.
  • Fullscreen panels now close properly even when you switch between them.
  • Removed coalition references in alliance member roles.
  • Localize tooltips for fleet hud items.
  • Minor UI Fixes to notifications, context menu, and chat panels.


  • Recent battles are now represented by a white explosion icon.
  • Debris fields will now be displayed correctly.


  • Fixed tabs in faction store panel.
  • Fixed premium store policies for purchase.
  • Fixed station resource tooltips.


  • Replacing a timed fleet card with another one now resets the removal timer to the new card’s duration.