Patch a9.18 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch a9.18 – Change Log

Tue Aug 27 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 1 min read


User Interface

  • Chat history is now capped to 100 messages or 30 minutes
    • Messages can exceed 100 if they’re newer than 30 minutes
  • Chat focus is now lost when enter is pressed while empty
  • Chat messages can be selected and copied
  • Spam threshold in chat changed to 3 messages within 2 seconds
  • Enabled Portraits and Backgrounds categories in the store
  • Corrected category labels in the store. (they now have spaces)
  • Moved culling flags around in the resource view so the resource view mode LUT does not make all the 3d UI green. Press F3 and enjoy the vibrant resource bar colors!
  • Disabled the legacy section for portraits until the feature is ready
  • Fast forward button for empire events is disabled while waiting for the server to answer, so players cant spam it and lose multiple command cards.


  • Scheduled movements can no longer change their arrival time
  • Reworked production queue so it can no longer fill itself with copies of the original items
    • This should fix a bunch of issues, including getting stuck loading stations when connecting to a server
  • Links will no longer open multiple browser tabs
  • Launching an outdated client directly from its .exe no longer gets stuck on the loading screen. (Instead, the client closes and starts the launcher to load the patch.)