Patch a9.20 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch a9.20 – Change Log

Tue Sep 10 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 1 min read


User Interface

  • Polished Tasks panels
    • Achievements now have a search feature and can filter out completed achievements
    • Daily Challenges are color-coded by their tier
    • Daily and Progress Rewards share the same layout
  • Implemented new icons for Metal, Gas, and Crystal
  • Polished avatar selection panel and reactivated special avatars
  • Polished avatar and background items in the store
  • Started removing ‘signal interference’ from fleet cards and replacing with ‘stealth’ (not


  • Dreadnought time cost reduced to 100 minutes, down from 120 minutes
  • Companies are now disabled if their required outposts become inoperational


  • Automatically aborted ship production no longer overwrites the build time of the following ship production item
  • Only alliance leaders can create and disband coalitions
  • Updated the number of tasks needed to complete “all general”, “all empire”, “all navy” and “all operations” achievements
  • Replaced references of ‘Navy Base’ with ‘Heavy Ship Assembly’ in tasks where applicable
  • Fixed various spelling errors