Patch b1.0 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.0 – Change Log

Wed Apr 01 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 2 min read



  • Animated avatars.
  • Added localizable descriptions for card blueprints.
  • Overhauled most sound effects but not all, count this as WIP.
  • Raid combat report headers now display a special icon if the attacker’s total cargo wasn’t filled.
  • Added flavor texts for all buildings and organizations.


  • New Art in the Store panel.
  • All organizations now have logos.
  • New Art for a bunch of cards.
  • New placeholder art for cards still missing original art.
  • Renamed “Black Hole” sector to “Omega” sector.
  • Store Bundles now automatically list their Claims, Avatars, Explosions, and Badges.
  • Blueprints:
    • All blueprint levels have now been reset and refunded (including all cards that have been removed from the game).
    • Breaking down cards no longer yields blueprint fragments.
    • Blueprint fragments are now earned via the progression rewards (for reaching certain commander levels during a game) so you earn them simply by playing.
    • All card blueprint costs revised for Open Beta.
  • Decreased the delay of switching zone playlists when you traverse the map.
  • Queued items and movements should now display “Processing…” rather than negative timers if the server can’t update the client in real-time.
  • Opening the reports panel now automatically loads the top-most combat report.
  • Login rewards:
    • Now connected to player age rather than game age (players now claim login reward 1 for the first day they play regardless of how old the game was when they first logged in).
    • There are now 30 login rewards per game.
  • Renamed Civilian Militia building to Docking Services.
  • The vortex model made smaller.
  • Broken planet models no longer all face the same direction.
  • Top All-time Battles have been removed from view mode settings.


  • Premium indicator updates on start.
  • Various spelling errors fixed.
  • Updated old information in various tooltips and descriptions.
  • Renamed “Aires Ice Belt” to “Aries Ice Belt”.
  • Fixed an issue where account inventory items were being automatically claimed by the game server.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use the Founder’s Pack avatars.
  • Welcome rewards are working again.
  • Improved chat panel performance when switching to a channel that has a lot of messages.
  • Chat messages are no longer cut off when the chat window is scrolled all the way down.
  • Deselecting the chat by mouse click no longer submits typed text to the chat.
  • The counter above the Notification list now correctly reflects the number of notifications in the list.
  • Fixed a bug where several star IDs were missing from the list of solar flare hexe (all stars now properly spawn solar flares).
  • All fleet cards now render in the logistics panel’s fleet details.
  • Empire details no longer breaks when too many are opened at the same time.
  • Combat round modifiers now affect outpost firepower.
  • All movement indicators now use the correct icon and label.
  • Fixed a bug where Dyson Shell had a level cap of 40 instead of 100.
  • Fixed a bug so that Department of Acquisitions‘ cargo bonus is now calculated after absolute bonuses are added.