Patch b1.11 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.11 - Change Log

Mon Jun 29 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read



  • A few Chat optimizations:
    • Unread messages are now displayed in the chat dialog.
    • On message failure, players should display as unknown instead of as System.
    • The System message avatar is no longer clickable.
    • Smaller chat expands/minimizes when the chat dialog is opened/closed, respectively.
    • Add animation when expanding / minimizing the chat dialog.
  • Added more descriptive tooltips to game progress bar text in politics overview panel. Should be much clearer when exactly Lockdown takes effect, Omega Sector opens and Servers’ actual finish!!
  • Removed the ability to stream labor to AS, DS, and FOBs.
  • All defined empire culling filters are now enabled by default. Some naughty servers were going live without culling! Whoops.
  • Create fleet dialog no longer resets the ship type when creating a fleet. Yes! No more accidentally creating random Corvette fleets.
  • Holy moly: The Shipyard now remembers the selected rally point. Rejoice! Clever Shipyard!
  • Time until starting location close – from when they are first occupied – increased from 5 to 7 days.


  • The game progress bar (in the politics panel) now properly progresses to 100%. Fixed!
  • Settings panel no longer shows the WIP localization option.
  • Labor streams to Alliance Structures can now be stopped. We initially hardened streaming a bit too much. Players’ who accidentally set up labor streams to Alliance Structures can now cancel them manually, in addition to the above note whereby players’ can no longer initiate labor streams to these structures.
  • Reconnect feature works again. No more restarting the client when you get disconnected.