Patch b1.3 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.3 - Change Log

Wed Apr 22 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read



  • Orders in queue
    • Added an ETA to unpaid orders, estimating how long until the station will passively generate resources to pay for the order.
    • Resources required to pay for an order are now always visible.
  • Station billboards now also display the alliance tag of their owner.


  • Depositing units into alliance structures (AS, DS and FOBs) is no longer possible.
  • Freighting units into alliance into alliance structures (AS, DS and FOBs) is no longer possible.
  • Custom explosion picker now works as a carousel.
  • Canceling downgrade orders will now cancel all downgrade orders for the same building.
  • Welcome message has been modified and cleaned up.


  • Prospect Inc. now functions as it is described.
    • Note: It was erroneously using 50% of the colony’s harvest rate for moons and planets. This means that augmented colonies affected by Colonial Relay will have their output slightly decreased. For colonies without those effects, their output will slightly increase.
  • Alliances are now sorted by their total influence in the Political UI.
  • In the Station Planner summary, stats for upgrading a station are now displayed regardless if you are currently able to upgrade the station or not.
  • Tooltip for movement billboards again show the information they should.
  • The tooltip for the station influence meter in the Station Pane on the map now has detailed information on leveling and the effects of leveling a station.
  • Map graphical bug due to FOBs has now been fixed. It’s confirmed, we weren’t all just taking acid.


  • Improved the performance of the rankings API for alliance related requests.
    • My alliance panel now opens instantly.
    • The overview panel now opens instantly.
    • Phoof-swish! Information!