Patch b1.4 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.4 - Change Log

Sat Apr 25 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 3 min read



  • The client now supports the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Added a dropdown to the shipyard to select current, capital station or alliance station hangar as rally point for queued ships.


  • Only one Logistics Hub can now participate in each combat. If more than one Logistics Hub covers a station the Logistic Hub station with the most operating fleets will be chosen to defend.
  • Fleets can now no longer be disbanded on Alliance Stations, Forward Operating Bases, and Dyson Spheres.
  • Stations that are out of supply will now correctly have their outposts participate in combat.
  • Missile Battery and Logistics Hubs are now only included if they belong to the empire which is being assaulted.
  • Adjustments to geo-spatial price representation. In plain english: Euros in Europe, Dollars everywhere else for the store items!
  • Troop Carrier IP cost reduced to 13, down from 15.
  • Claim the Day X Login Reward task updated to the new scheme of login rewards.
  • Support Network task bonus to streaming increased to 100/125/150/175/200, up from 50/75/100/125/150.
  • Expedialis organization now grants 2 speed to the stargate, up from 1.
  • Most percentile card effects are now applied after other absolute effects.


  • Streaming should now be more stable!
  • Territorial Victory Claims are now counted correctly by Rankings API.
  • Custom borders no longer change randomly in the client.
  • A client restart is no longer required to see other players’ custom border changes.
  • Fixed alliance application notification not redirecting to the correct panel.
  • Fixed the My Alliance > Applications sub-panel not showing any pending applications.
  • Fixed duplicate “Daily Challenges Available” notification.
  • Fixed ‘Events Available’ notification not dismissing if you started an event without using the notification to navigate to the Events panel.
  • Fixed Premium Expiration Time text being duplicated on the Daily Rewards panel.
  • Fixed premium counter text in policy panel.
  • Fixed text for the Empire Fleet limit card when gaining fleets through claiemd hexes.
  • Fixed chat input overflowing in the small chat panel.
  • Fixed Alliance description from overflowing.
  • Fixed Alliance message of the day from overflowing.
  • Removed the FOBs lens effect so it’s not visible when the camera is zoomed out.
  • Fixed ship production on alliance stations and queued items will now update correctly in the client.
  • Build 5 Stations task step is now updated to “6 Stations” which is the correct number.
  • Build X Ships task and its type-specific versions now trigger on the described values.
  • Implant Clinic building now properly affects recon fleets.
  • The Seat now has a clause explaining its labor bonus in all of its descriptions.
  • Added color tags to AS building Alliance Command.
  • Fixed a bug in Federate Manufacturers that caused its time discount to unit production to not work as intended.
  • Fixed a spelling error in Alliance Traffic Control.
  • Fixed a spelling error in Alliance Logistics Base.
  • Fixed a spelling error in Hangar Bay.
  • Changed “Path” to “Specialization” in Minutiae description.

Additions April 27th.

  • Labor streams can no longer be cancelled should the destination station be put out of supply. Players now have to free labor equal to the amount that’s being streamed to the station in order to cancel the stream.
  • Fixed a bug where gas and crystal values were swapped in the streaming UI.
  • The labor slider has been moved to the bottom of the stream UI.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the client from displaying correct alliance values, such as AA participants and FOB building permissions.
  • Territorial victory condition no longer counts starting sector hexes or Omega sector hexes.
  • Removing a module card from a station now costs 100 credits instead of 3 command cards.

Additions April 28th.

  • Alliance descriptions are now visible to everyone as they should be.
  • Added a button to force updates to achievements (we noticed just now that it disappears after use, you can re-open the UI to have it appear again).
  • Labor status in the Station Pane now displayed in red when negative.
  • Ship queue now always displays dd/hh/mm/ss on hover (no longer hides hh/mm/ss when larger than one day)
  • Fixed a bug when writing in chat and clicking outside the window would lock the chat from any input.
  • Removed the ability to use HTML tags in chat.
  • You can now click a chat message to select it.
  • You can now drag a selection of a chat message.
  • You can press CTRL+C to copy a selected chat message.
  • Cursor now properly disappears when chat is deselected.
  • Added option in settings to make chat deactivate after sending a message. By default this is on, if you prefer to keep typing in chat after sending a message uncheck this under Settings > Game. Note: although it’s by default on, you need to open the settings UI to activate it. Yeah-yeah, we’ll fix it. 😀