Patch b1.7 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.7 - Change Log

Sat May 16 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read



  • Map pin names, descriptions, and icons can be edited through the pin list.
  • Operating fleet count and limit are now shown in station tooltip on Alliance Structures that belong to your alliance or Stations belonging to your allies. Wow!


  • When sending Scan movement; the stats now include both the probe radius and duration!


  • Assert Authority policy now properly allows players to build outposts on conflicted hexes. Dominance asserted.
  • Alliance Assaults should no longer fail to be processed. This was related to the new Stealth notification in reports not playing nicely with Alliance Assaults.
  • Sabotaging a station now sends the correct notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where stealthed sabotage reports would prevent the defender from seeing their list of combat reports. Much sabotage!
  • Added missing attribute labels. Rephrased unclear attribute labels.
  • Links in the main (small) HUD chat are working and clickable again.
  • Map Pins are now rendering in resource and politics view modes if enabled.
  • Some fixes for unit production events on alliance stations. You no longer need to relog to see the updated orders when they are added or cancelled.
  • The top navigation bar shows correct selection when opening/closing panels.
  • The camera no longer breaks when an item was dragged out of the pin/station list.
  • Removed errors when trying to log in after deleting lighting data or with a freshly installed client.