Patch b1.8 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.8 - Change Log

Tue Jun 02 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 2 min read



  • Fleet movement icons now have color-coding to show ownership:
    • Player – Cyan
    • Alliance – Blue
    • Other – Purple
    • Incoming Attack – Pink
  • Players can now cancel fleet movements by clicking the ‘Return’ icon when hovering over the appropriate item in the bottom HUD fleets panel. Holy moly! What a time to be alive!
  • Hovering over a fleet item in the bottom HUD panel which is on a movement will highlight all other fleets on the same movement. Schwing!
  • Fleet items in hud now have added tooltip explaining if they are out of supply.
  • Added confirmation dialog when selecting faction. No more tears wrong factions being assigned!
  • Added Mark all as Read button to combat reports panel.
  • Added Alliance Tag to spy reports.


  • Upgraded game engine to the latest version Unity from 2018 to 2019. Shiny.
  • Scan movements can now only have 1 fleet. Sorry, not sorry! No more probe stacking!
  • Solar Flare spawning is now more evenly distributed. Essentially flares will spawn over the full two hour window. It was a massive performance drain having them all spawn – even within the 5 to 10 minute window we gave them.
  • New art: Faction banners updated.
  • New art: Videos for offer bundles.
  • Toggling UI off now removes the view mode toggles and map pins. Yiss.
  • Premium Permits are now account-only items. Can be bought on any servers and used on any servers.
  • Player name is now shown in notifications about failed spy attempts. Spicy.
  • Alliance movements
    • Alliance Assaults will now be automatically canceled if the target station was destroyed or removed through other means.
    • Alliance Build movements will now be automatically canceled if the hex becomes unavailable.
  • NPCs
    • Can now have variable lethality, some long term changes here and there. Expanding our frameworks.
    • Can now be configured to instantly respawn fleets.


  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to transfer troop carriers to fleets.
  • Fixed reroll button not working for tomorrow’s daily challenges if the same daily challenge slot was already claimed.
  • Fixed an issue where, if a queued item was waiting for resources and one or more resources had zero production per hour, the queue UI would break. Classic divide by zero.
  • Fixed the indicator displaying login rewards after they had all been claimed.
  • Fixed position of labor column in Freight panel.
  • Reports:
  • Fixed reports showing up blank when opening combat reports panel.
  • Fixed the search functionality within combat reports.
  • Fixed Spy report headers not displaying long names correctly.
  • Reduced client error log clutter.


  • Client:
    • Many sprite and UI assets in the client have been tightly optimized, and redundant assets removed, which should result in smaller downloads and better client UI performance.
    • Cleaned and restructured the Starborne client project to help speed up development time.
  • Server:
    • Improved performance for Cancellation of scheduled Fleet departures.
    • Improved performance when removing and/or sending Fleets away from destroyed Stations.


  • When starting the game the launcher no longer shows “Servers are under maintenance” message.
  • A Recommended server is now displayed in the server list to make it easier for new players to jump into the freshest/promoted server.
  • Refactored how the patcher gets disposed, reducing the chances of it running hidden in the background. Naughty patcher!