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Patch b1.9.1 - Change Log

Tue Jun 16 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 3 min read


Changes for Beta #14 only

  • Omega sector unlocks on day 15.
  • Changed Server duration to 8 weeks.
  • Reduced ESA Protection duration to 5 days.
  • Empire Event Limit increases on Thursdays.
  • Default Construction Queue capacity for all stations decreased to 12h from 24h.
  • Premium Construction Queue bonus for Player stations decreased to 12h from 24h.


  • Alliance Size: 20
  • Alliance Pins: 20
  • Alliance Movements: 5
  • Members Per Movement: 20


  • Ship mineral costs reduced by roughly 10% (then rounded to clean up the numbers)
  • Ship time costs reduced between 1-10% depending on ship type
  • Troop Carrier now costs 11 IP, 200k of each resource, and 72 base hours (~22 hours with a 70% HSA)


  • Removed periods from achievement names.
  • Normalized capitalization of achievement names. (IE: all achievements say “Level X” instead of “level X”)
  • Fixed a few typos (IE: “Build a tier 1 industrial buildings”)
  • Various changes to the Tutorial achievements, most noticeable it’s now intended that there are two extra achievements in the tutorial after Complete Introductory Achievements.
  • Rebalancing rewards across all achievements to avoid meaningless credit values.
  • All achievements for building and upgrading Buildings now reward slightly more minerals across the board. (Only reduced by 10% instead of 20% like Beta #13.)
  • Removed roll and complete duplicate/triplicate/etc daily challenges achievements.
  • All Complete all category Achievements achievements now reward a Gold challenge cache and 30k of each resource.
  • All Complete x Daily Challenges and Complete All Daily Challenges x Times achievements now reward a challenge cache and 100/1000/2000/4000/8000 of each resource.
  • All Complete a Level x Challenge achievements now reward a mission cache and 100/1000/2000/4000/8000 of each resource.
  • All Claim x Daily Login Rewards achievements now reward a challenge cache and 1000/2000/4000/8000 of each resource.
  • All Empire Unique Building achievements now reward a challenge cache and 1k of each resource.
  • All Build x Stations achievements no longer reward any credits, only minerals.
  • All Build a Tier 1 category Building to Level 5 achievements now reward an additional Exosuit.
  • Discover a Mission now rewards an additional ** Vector Scaling** card.
  • Create an Industrial Fleet now rewards an additional Recycling Plant card.
  • Discover a Solar Flare now rewards an additional Flare Monitors card.
  • Harvest a Solar Flare now rewards an MPL Harvester instead of Flare Monitors.
  • Build a Tier 1 Military Building now rewards an Ionization Chamber instead of Build-R (1m).
  • Build a Tier 1 Domain Building now rewards a Solar Panels instead of Build-R (1m).
  • Build a Tier 1 Industry Building now rewards a Core Schematics instead of Build-R (1m).
  • Most achievements now reward themed cards instead of credits/resources:
    • All Exchange x Resources achievements
    • All Build x Ships achievements
    • All Harvest x Solar Flares achievements
    • All Have x Influence in your Capital achievements
    • All Have x Ships in your Navy achievements
    • All Deal x as Attacker achievements
    • All Deal x as Defender achievements
    • All Deploy x Probes achievements
    • All Complete a Level x Event achievements
    • All Use x Build-R Cards achievements
    • All Use x Brokers achievements
    • All Reroll x Daily Challenges achievements
    • All Build a Tier x category Organization achievements
    • All Have x active fleets achievements
    • Have a Fully Equipped Fleet
    • Deploy a Fleet to another Station
    • Assault a Station
    • Sabotage a Stations and Sabotage 3 Stations
  • The following Achievements now reward more credits:
    • All Thwart x Espionage Attempts achievements now reward 30 credits.
    • All Deal x Damage in a Single Battle achievements now reward 60 credits.
    • All Destroy x Ships achievements now reward 30/60/90/120/150 credits.
    • All Sabotage x Stations achievements now reward 0/0/30/60/60 credits.
    • All Sabotage x Outposts achievements now reward 30/30/30/60/60 credits.
    • Bomb a Station now rewards 30 credits.


  • Fixed multiple issues with the input system
    • Switching between fullscreen panels no longer breaks keyboard shortcuts. Holy hotkeys, batman!
    • Fixed issue where map mouse controls would break after using certain keyboard shortcuts.
    • Added better logging of UI context switching and made the system more robust.
  • Links no longer get stuck in their mouse-over state if you move the mouse between them.
  • Fixed server time left in the politics overview to show correct hours. Noice.
  • Fixed UI null references in inventory panel and for notifications.
  • Fixed issue with server halting, requiring regular restarts. Yay, no more devs waking up in the middle of the night to restart servers!