Patch b1.9 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b1.9 - Change Log

Fri Jun 05 2020 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read



  • Buckle yourselves in, commanders! A survey tool has been added to the game. To use it hold down the alt key while hovering a hex. Then use your mouse wheel to adjust the radius which is being sampled. The tooltip shown will update to show a breakdown of the resources (fields, moons, planets and total) in the radius.


  • The Freighter panel now opens with the current station selected when it is opened.
  • Added an error message when a station is unable to stream.
  • Added alliance name to the ‘Grand Terrestrial Lost’ notification.
  • Added some explanation text in spy reports when an attempt is failed.
  • Added tooltip when hovering over tactic bonus in combat reports.
  • Added the Lethality stat to combat reports with a tooltip.
  • Accelerants can no longer be applied if the active building item has less than 5 seconds remaining.
  • Minor graphical tweaks


  • Alliance name is now shown in FOB built notification.
  • Card tooltips now show up for cards in spy reports.
  • Station Bombing tab in combat report panel now shows the correct colors.
  • Attack and Defense Doctrine policies now correctly apply their bonuses. No more hurt when doing the hurt. Stay safe!
  • Spy reports now behave properly. Your identity is only revealed when you fail the spy attempt. Your anonymity remains when you are successful.
  • Fixed the end of game panel styling and message text.
  • Added the missing close button for achievement rewards panels.
  • Stopped the Build/Upgrade button being interactable when the queue is full.
  • Fixed chat being spammed with server maintenance messages. Once per timed interval is quite enough we think.


  • Client:
    • Performance improvements on a number of assets. FPS! MORE FPS! MORE MORE MORE!