Patch b2.15 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.15 - Change Log

Thu Oct 08 2020 (Updated: Fri Dec 11 2020) - 2 min read



  • Added Alliance Crests to Combat Reports of Alliance Assaults
  • Split Notifications about captured Special Effect hexes from generic Strategic hex notifications.
  • Added Alliance Crests to Station widgets.
  • Double click to unfocus movement and return to RTS camera controls while in the focus movement camera view.
  • Mission and Solar Flare widgets view mode visibility is now customizable in the CellInfo dropdown, similar to that of movement widgets. Mission widgets now default to off in the Standard map view mode.
  • Shipyards of individual stations now remember their Rally points between sessions.
  • Added Exchange button to Station HUD.
  • Clicking a Commodity Indicator now open their Import panel.
  • Added tooltip to my position button in rankings.
  • Added link to alliance names in sector details list, so it opens the alliance profile.
  • Added UI button to exit the focus movement feature.
  • Added alliance tags to empire names in ranking categories.


  • Reworked the FPS Limit settings in the settings panel.
  • Tutorial Sequence notification Progress now uses the number of completed tutorial achievements, instead of the current Step.
  • Lethality now calculates refunds based on ships destroyed not fleet damage taken.
  • Ships restored from lethality < 100% are now rounded down instead of up.


  • Fixed bug that froze bought Offers in a pending state.
  • Fixed Reset button for Policies. (But no additional policies were set as resettable in this Update)
  • Limit FPS in background now works, unless settings are set to Vertical Sync.
  • Removed empty Requirements from Alliance Movements.
  • Fixed a few more cases where the camera got stuck.
  • Focusing a Movement while the camera is in the Overlay Zoom level now renders all models as expected.
  • Fixed issue with fleet items in the bottom HUD having a delay when displaying the number of ships in the fleet after switching stations.
  • Fixed Fleet item flickering and incorrect state when hovering over and holding shift
  • Movements panel list items are now fully responsive and support 3+ rows of fleets
  • Open All Caches button in the Inventory panel now removes all cache related notifications.
  • Fixed Move to Inventory button in Remove Card dialog.
  • Fixed scaling issues of station explosions. (again…)
  • Fixed text for when a player is not in an alliance and others are not in an alliance
  • Fixed values displayed in alliance profile
  • Fixed tab not highlighting when opening alliance or player profile
  • Fixed add new memo button showing up in the second to last spot instead of last
  • Fixed bug where alliance application dialog would open instead of memo dialog
  • Memo max characters are now 200
  • Fixed bug where movement group highlighting in fleet HUD items would persist after a movement was completed
  • Fixed Select Avatar dialog selecting first item when changing background/Avatar categories
  • Fixed dropdown options not showing hover state
  • Fixed badge disappearing when moving to a slot and than back to the old slot
  • Fixed invite to alliance button being active when player had already applied


  • Optimized Movements list.
  • Mission and Solar Flare widgets optimized for better client performance when viewing many missions at once.