Patch b2.16 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.16 – Change Log

Tue Oct 20 2020 (Updated: Fri Dec 11 2020) - 2 min read



  • Scrolling the mouse wheel whilst in the focus mode will return back to the RTS controlled camera but in the current position
  • Added alliance name and sector name in empire side profile section
  • Added sector name in alliance side profile section
  • Added more descriptive alliance errors when creating an alliance
  • Added placeholder memo when memo section is empty
  • Added station widgets to the view mode toggles.
  • Reduced the zoom level at which full-size station widgets are visible, in order to decrease widget overlap.
  • Restyle station and probe widgets for better readability
  • Added more information to freight tooltips


  • Fixed when creating alliance, politics panels would overlap
  • Fixed when player applied to alliance, broken overview panel popped up for members of alliance
  • Fixed player profile always showing your own faction
  • Fixed ranking Columns alignment
  • Fixed missing hover state on View Application button Join alliance panel
  • Fixed tab not switching to next input field in dialogs
  • Fixed Platinum cost label jumping around in Buy Platinum panel
  • Fixed values in alliance member table and alliance profile table not being orderable by category
  • Fixed formatting issues with ‘pay for order’ dialog and added titles to describe the call to action at a glance
  • Fixed bug where the Commodities display in the Commodities panel displayed empty values
  • Fixed issue where tooltips wouldn’t appear if switching between UI elements quickly
  • Fixed issue where movement toggles were incorrectly named
  • Fixed graphic issues with Movements list items and further optimized Movements panel
  • Fixed issue where alliance crest would display in combat reports for non-alliance assault combats.
  • Fixed alliance information in alliance application dialog
  • Fixed players logging in for the first time showing wrong online status
  • Fixed wrong sorting on victory conditions in politics overview panel
  • Fixed alliance tag showing up for empires in alliance applications and invitations
  • Fixed wrong labels on show movement toggles
  • Fixed ESC not working in logistics panels and shipyard when input field is active
  • Fixed alliance rankings alignment breaking when color permissions are changed
  • Fixed movements not showing unit types correctly in tooltips
  • Fixed ‘my alliance’ highlight in politics overview list items not being masked when scrolling the list.
  • Fixed issue where station widget icons would display the wrong player avatar
  • Fixed FOB and Self Destruct timers on station widgets not showing.
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t drop claims.


  • Minor optimizations made when panning the camera