Patch b2.19 – Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.19 – Change Log

Thu Jan 28 2021 - 1 min read



  • Subscription-based offers are now supported.
  • Stored payment methods are now supported.
  • Purchasing offers now has options to save payment method and choose from saved payment methods
  • CAPTCHA check added to Player registration page.
  • Added a JSON endpoint for GetMap.
  • System inbox
  • Messages from the developers.
  • All purchases are deposited into the system inbox and can be claimed from there.


  • Vision System has been completely rewritten with reliability and performance in mind.
  • Outpost detection is now correctly updated when it's signal interference changes.


  • Standardized Dialog windows, fixing a lot of small design flaws.
  • Outposts Building Points are now only listed once in Station Planner.
  • UI scale no longer resets on relog.
  • UI scale now has a min & max value.
  • Applying an accelerant on a research no longer requires manually reopening the panel to update the shown timer.
  • Downgrade building button now becomes non-interactable if it's already downgrading to level 0.
  • Fixed button text in remove card from station dialog
  • Outposts that are built while a deconstruction movement is still returning will now be placed into the correct slot in the Station Planner.


  • Authorization API upgraded to .NET 5
  • Rankings API project upgraded to .NET 5