Patch b2.23 - Change Log | Starborne

Patch b2.23 - Change Log

Thu Nov 04 2021 (Updated: Fri Nov 12 2021) - 1 min read



  • Movement widgets now show fleet cargo and looted resources.
  • Shipyard button no longer visible for stations that can't build ships (FOBs).
  • Attacks on allies now displays in a different color.
  • Outpost tooltip now shows the station it belongs to.
  • Spy reports now show the empire or the alliance the station belongs to.
  • Spy reports now provide a variable level of detail depending on the roll result:
    - Full report if the spy strength greater than the spy defense.
    - Detailed report if the spy strength equals 76-99% of the spy defense.
    - Partial report if the spy strength equals 51-75% of the spy defense.
    - Minor report if the spy strength equals 50% or less of the spy defense.
    - Failed report if the player rolled a 1.
  • Captured station no longer retain their units.


  • Captured NPC stations no longer keep their station cards.
  • Allied movement widget now shows fleet details after relog.
  • Movement widget for outpost sabotage now displays as an attack.
  • Movement widget now displays days of travel time when needed.
  • Allies now receive fleet count updates if they have visual on the fleet.
  • Fixed 'You have been spied' notifications:
    - Minor or partial spy reports trigger a notification to the spied player.
    - Failed spy reports will also report the name of the spying player.
  • Fixed issue of solo ship surviving through several combat rounds.
  • Fixed previous/next station button on the station HUD.
  • Fixed numbered key shortcuts to stations.
  • Fixed the station panel filters.
  • Fixed and improved the fleet panel filters.
  • Fixed the fleet renaming window to appear in the middle of the screen.
  • Fixed movement toggles so that they no longer reappear upon zooming.
  • Fixed issue where raiding movements didn't resolve if the origin station was destroyed before arrival.
  • Closing an alliance application window no longer cancels the application.
  • Alliance structure widget no longer displays building points.
  • The build outpost panel now has the correct formatting for outpost names.
  • Empty movements are no longer created from destructed station.
  • Fleets in ERROR won't prevent the fleet panel from loading all fleets.
  • Fixed the spy message page counter.
  • Fixed the filters in the Commodities panel.
  • Renamed Heavy Scouts to Recons in various places.


  • Optimized the fleet panel to stop unnecessary refreshes.