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Premium Accounts and Changes to the Store

Wed Apr 10 2019 (Updated: Mon Dec 14 2020) - 1 min read


With Alpha 9 just around the corner, we’d like to take the opportunity to talk about the upcoming changes to the store.

Premium Accounts

Alpha 9 will be the first server using the new Premium Account feature. A Premium Account allows you to claim bonus daily rewards, bonus progression rewards and an additional material card from Events. As an added bonus, policy research speed is doubled during Premium Time.

Premium Time will apply to all servers you play on. We will continue to monitor and improve the feature as development of the game progresses.

Further Changes

  • Progression Rewards are now split into Free and Premium Rewards and no longer require to be unlocked first.
  • Basic and Advanced Supplies have been added to the store, which allow you to claim Platinum and a card cache each day.
  • Platinum cost of card offers have been slightly reduced across the board.
  • ESA Permit, Contract and Mercenary cards have been removed from the game. Players will be credited with the corresponding amount of Platinum for each card in their account inventory.
  • Weekly and monthly offers have been reworked and now include Premium Time.

Founder’s Pack

Our aim with the Founder’s Pack was to offer a great value bundle for players who invested early in the game’s development. After looking at player feedback however and using the bundles ourselves, we felt that it didn’t match our expectations.

As a result, we have temporarily removed the Founder’s Pack from the store, and we will reintroduce the offer later with more content. Players who have already purchased the Founder’s pack will automatically receive the new items free of charge.

We’d like to thank everyone for their continued feedback and support as we strive to create a fair and balanced environment for all players.

See you on April 15th!

-Starborne Dev Team