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Starborne: Frontiers - Patch Notes August 23rd

Wed Aug 23 2023 (Updated: Wed Aug 23 2023) - 1 min read



  • New progression offers added to the store.
  • Player can purchase arena tokens directly in arena encounters, when tokens are missing.

UI & Visual Changes

Rolling out wave 1 of our skill description updates.
This includes:

  • Introduced new keywords: "Cleanse" and "Purge" for debuff and buff removal.
  • The wording for status effect applications was changed. Skills that require Hacking will now use "Inflict", as opposed to "Apply".
  • "Apply" as a wording remains in the game, but is now only used for effect applications that work regardless of Hacking and Security.
  • Skills that buff allies no longer read "Apply", and now use "Grant" instead.
  • Every effect of a skill will not start from a new line now.

This will result in a more condensed tooltip using less screen space,
and we hope that the updated wording provides clearer explanations.
Examples below:



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused new units on old version to crash the game.
    New units on old versions of the game now have placeholder portraits.

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