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Store Changes A9 S3

Wed Jul 31 2019 (Updated: Tue Dec 15 2020) - 3 min read


The store has undergone a redesign and we’d like to take the opportunity to talk about the various changes which will be introduced in A9 Server 3.

Card Price Changes (Platinum):

We’ve taken another look at our card offers, and Platinum spent per minute / exchange is now consistent across all price points. Most lower-end cards have become cheaper as a result.


  • Build-R (15m) 10 -> Free (3 per day)
  • Build-R (30m) 20 -> 10
  • Build-R (60m) 40 -> 20
  • Build-R (120m) 60 -> 40
  • Build-R (240m) 80 -> 80
  • Build-R (480m) 100 -> removed from store


  • Local Trader 10 -> Free (3 per day)
  • Continental Trader 20 -> 10
  • Planetary Trader 40 -> 40
  • Stellar Trader 60 -> 200
  • Galactic Trader 80 -> 400

Research Grants

  • Research Grant (1h) 30 -> 10
  • Research Grant (3h) 60 -> 30
  • Research Grant (8h) 120 -> 80
  • Research Grant (24h) 240 -> 240


  • Salvage Team 180 -> 80
  • Clean Slate 280 -> 180

Purchase limits have been adjusted to reflect the price changes.


The Premium account feature has received an update and now properly explains the various bonuses better in a dedicated panel.

Premium Features:

  • +2 hours to building queue time in all stations (New!)
  • +6 hours to shipyard queue time in all stations (New!)
  • +100% Policy Research Speed
  • +1 Material Card from Events
  • +Bonus Daily Rewards
  • +Bonus Progress Rewards

Premium Permits (28d) can now be purchased directly in the “Get Premium” panel for €14.99.

Avatar System

We have recently switched over to the new component-based avatar system and still need to iron out some quirks. Purchasable portraits and backgrounds will be introduced in an upcoming patch.

Important note regarding special avatars:

Due to the change in how avatars are created, existing special avatars received from special offers and victory rewards are temporarily unavailable. They will become available again in an upcoming patch.


We took your feedback about the Faction packs to heart, and we’ve streamlined the pack contents while reducing prices across the board.

  • XAOC Pack Price reduced from €29.99 to €19.99
  • Tianchao Pack Price reduced from €29.99 to €19.99
  • MPL Pack Price reduced from €29.99 to €19.99

Players who have purchased a faction pack before this update will receive the respective background and Clean Slate card free of charge in an upcoming patch.


Station Explosions

Custom station explosions are now available in Starborne which are visible globally every time you destroy a station. Explosions can be changed in the settings panel.

  • Added Inferno Explosion (850 Platinum)
  • Added EMP Explosion (850 Platinum)
  • Added Black Hole Explosion (850 Platinum)
  • Added Classic Explosion (Founder’s Pack Exclusive)

In case of an alliance assault, the explosion belonging to the player who dealt the most bombing damage will be displayed.

Starter Packs

We increased the value of starter packs to provide more bang for your buck! These new packs can be purchased even if you have already bought the previous starter pack.

  • Added Rookie Starter Pack (€9.99)
  • Added Veteran Starter Pack (€19.99)
  • Added Legend Starter Pack (€29.99)

Weekly Bundles

Weekly bundles have seen two new additions and a purchase limitation change.

  • Added Build-R Pack (480 Platinum)
  • Added Trader Pack (750 Platinum)
  • Blueprint Pack purchase is now limited to 1 per account per week
  • Research Pack purchase is now limited to 1 per account per week

Supply Contracts

Daily Supplies have been buffed and are now global, meaning you can only claim a reward once per account per day. Supply Rewards will be deposited in the account inventory and you can claim them from any server of your choosing.

  • Basic/Advanced Supply Initial Credit reward reduced from 400/1600 to 300/1200
  • Basic/Advanced Supply Initial Platinum reward reduced from 200/800 to 120/480
  • Daily Platinum Supply reward increased from 60 to 80

Total Basic/Advanced Supply Platinum yield increased from 620/2480 to 680/2720.

New Founder’s Pack

The Founder’s pack which was disabled at the beginning of A9 is back and received an update!

New Founder’s Pack Contents:

  • 3000 Platinum
  • Premium Permit (28d)
  • 4 Basic Supply Contract (7d)
  • 1 Advanced Supply Contract (28d)
  • Founder’s Avatar
  • Classic Explosion (Original Station Explosion used up until A7)
  • Founder’s Badge (Badge support will arrive in an upcoming patch)

Founder’s Pack Price has been reduced from €99.99 to €79.99.

The Founder’s Pack will remain available for purchase until the end of the beta testing period and more content will be added to the pack over time. Stay tuned!

Important note regarding the Founder’s pack:

Players who have already purchased the Founder’s Pack will receive the new exclusive Classic Explosion and Founder’s Badge free of charge in an upcoming patch.

If you have already purchased a previous Founder’s pack and choose to purchase it again, you will be compensated with 3000 additional Platinum.

We’d like to thank everyone for their continued feedback and support once again. See you on the frontier!