The Omega Project - Change Log | Starborne

The Omega Project - Change Log

Thu Dec 17 2020 (Updated: Thu Mar 18 2021) - 1 min read


  • Four-week game duration.
  • New map with 500 starting positions and ice belts!
  • Grand Terrestrial planets are now victory point hexes.
  • ESA protection shortened to 3 days.
  • Alliance size set to 16.
  • Alliance Stations removed from the game.
  • Alliance Assaults removed from the game.
  • Alliances can now field 4 Forward Operating Bases, up from 3.
  • Resource cost of Forward Operating Bases decreased to 300K, down from 900K.
  • Resource cost of all buildings and ships reduced by 35%.
  • Time cost of all buildings and ships reduced by 30%.
  • Outposts no longer have building requirements, players can build any combination of outposts in a station regardless of building composition.
  • Destroying your own stations now has a timer of 12 hours, down from 24 hours.
  • Reduced the claim strength of Prime NPCs.
  • NPC fleet power reduced by 70%.
  • Outpost hit points reduced by 30%.
  • Outpost Management Services' bonus to outpost HP increased to 3% per level, up from 1.5%.
  • Colonial Relay's bonus to Mining Colony harvest rate increased to 25% per level, up from 20%.
  • Station Sabotage Defense decreased by 30%.
  • Duration of station sabotage increased to 3 hours (4.5 for Tianchao), up from 5 minutes.
  • Station sabotage now prohibits all industrial-specific movement types.
  • Tianchao station sabotage now prevents only industrial movements over 4.5 hours.
  • Missile Battery firepower increased by 100% and their radius of influence by 1.
  • Augmenting Missile Batteries now additionally increases their radius of influence by 1.
  • All factions now start with a single augment point, aside from Terran Combine which still begins with 3.
  • Terrain Combine now has a default resource streaming capacity of 300 in each station.
  • The alliance with the most victory points at the end of the game wins (with alliance game score being the tiebreaker).
  • If any alliance manages to hold a majority of victory points for 72 hours, the game will conclude and the holding alliance declared the winner
  • Fleets returning to destroyed stations now return to the capital station (instead of supplying stations) with a 12-hour cap on the movement.