Change Log – 9.1.3

Major Gameplay Changes -Coalition alliance capacity changed. -Base amount of alliances you get per coalition by capturing the DS is 2. -You can construct and upgrade the Federate Court Building to increase the cap to 4 max. –Note: to prevent any coalition from simply gathering all major alliances into a single coalition, this change was

Change Log – 8.8.1

Patch Notes for version 8.8.1 New Launcher – We have a new launcher! The framework for it will be included today, and the launcher itself will come tomorrow. Bugfixes – Returning to positive labor now removes out of supply indicator on fleets. – Streaming assets has been fixed. – The extreme glow in Politics has

Changelog 📜

Patch – 2o. December GAMEPLAY -Minutiae now additionally lowers the resource and time cost of all buildings by 10%. -Imperialistic policies: -National Guard is now implemented. -Augmented Outposts V implemented, go wild! -Added the Change Avatar achievement. -Developer’s note: to reduce the steps from installation until you start to play, we have removed the requirement

Change log – Starborne version

REQUESTING DATA – Removed timeout while requesting data. – Server operations relating to logins have been given new kicks and now run much faster. – Requesting data steps are now displayed. – Optimization for the GetStations call resulting in much faster data retrieval for stations. – Optimization for the GetEmpires call resulting in much faster

Change log – Starborne version

GAMEPLAY -NPC respawn timers are now the same for all NPCs. Defenders will reappear between 24 and 48 hours after being completely wiped. -Added descriptions to the Isotope cards and the Warhead Specialist card how players obtain these cards. -Stargate’s max radius is now 4 hexes, letting the Traffic Control Tower card work as intended.