Change Log for Patch 9.8.1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the change log for Patch 9.8.1! The changes are as followed: Outposts – Damaged/inoperational/out-of-supply missile batteries & fortresses are excluded from combat. – Fleets that are out of supply do not join combat as fortress interceptors. – Scouts participate in combat as fortress interceptors in Assaults, Raids & Sabotages –

Change Log – Patch 9.7.1

Below are the complete patch notes for Patch 9.7.1 which will be applied today at 1530 UTC. Troop Carrier -IP cost raised to 12 points, up from 10 points. -Resource cost raised to 300.000 total, up from 120.000 total. -Time cost raised to 24 hours, up from 4 hours. Note: The conquest mechanic has been

Patch 9.4.1 – Change Log

Hello everyone, welcome to the patch notes for Patch 9.4.1! We will be applying this patch at 1700 UTC today, so read about the bug fixes and gameplay changes below and put yourself ahead of the pack! UPDATES -Players can now disband empty fleets wherever they are. -Movement UI is now properly readable in Exploration

Patch 9.2.3 – Change Log

Below are the patch notes for the new patch to Alpha 9 – Server 1! –Armed Drones are now unique. –NOTE: I would like to appeal to the honor of those that have duplicates of this card equipped to remove one of them as they are not supposed to be stacked. -Fixed the Federal Court

Change Log – 9.1.3

Major Gameplay Changes -Coalition alliance capacity changed. -Base amount of alliances you get per coalition by capturing the DS is 2. -You can construct and upgrade the Federate Court Building to increase the cap to 4 max. –Note: to prevent any coalition from simply gathering all major alliances into a single coalition, this change was

Change Log – 8.8.1

Patch Notes for version 8.8.1 New Launcher – We have a new launcher! The framework for it will be included today, and the launcher itself will come tomorrow. Bugfixes – Returning to positive labor now removes out of supply indicator on fleets. – Streaming assets has been fixed. – The extreme glow in Politics has