Patch a10.8 – Change Log

In today’s patch, we’re enabling the resetting of policies.Some things to be aware of: You reset a policy by pressing the ‘reset’ button on that policy in the Upgrade Policy tab. If you reset a policy that’s currently being researched any progress made is forgone. If you start to research a policy that has the

Patch a9.21 – Change Log

User Interface Polished faction images in policies panel. Claiming daily rewards automatically selects next claimable reward. Gameplay Policies Radio Silence‘s bonus to stealth increased to 200, up from 100. Land Leasing‘s penalty to resource generation reduced to 15 %, down from 20%. Space Lane‘s bonus to speed increased to 2, up from 1. Merchant Fleet

Patch a9.20 – Change Log

User Interface Polished Tasks panels Achievements now have a search feature and can filter out completed achievements Daily Challenges are color-coded by their tier Daily and Progress Rewards share the same layout Implemented new icons for Metal, Gas, and Crystal Polished avatar selection panel and reactivated special avatars Polished avatar and background items in the

Patch a9.19 – Change Log

User Interface ​New Welcome Reward panel under the Tasks button. Welcome rewards are given out for the first 5 days Older accounts will be able to claim all 5 rewards immediately Bugfixes Fixed the increased sabotage time ability for the Tianchao faction. It now works as stated in the tooltip

Patch a9.18 – Change Log

User Interface Chat history is now capped to 100 messages or 30 minutes Messages can exceed 100 if they’re newer than 30 minutes Chat focus is now lost when enter is pressed while empty Chat messages can be selected and copied Spam threshold in chat changed to 3 messages within 2 seconds Enabled Portraits and

Patch a9.17 – Change Log

User Interface New Faction Banners Added tooltip with detailed effect descriptions to the Tianchao store offer Added indicators to store category labels for free daily offers Gameplay Alliance Station now starts with: level 1 Century Warehouse level 1 Alliance Logistics Base Forward Operating Base now starts with: level 1 Cargo Bay level 1 Hangar Bay