Patch a9.17 – Change Log

User Interface New Faction Banners Added tooltip with detailed effect descriptions to the Tianchao store offer Added indicators to store category labels for free daily offers Gameplay Alliance Station now starts with: level 1 Century Warehouse level 1 Alliance Logistics Base Forward Operating Base now starts with: level 1 Cargo Bay level 1 Hangar Bay

Patch a9.16 – Change Log

User Interface Added indicator for free daily offers in the store. Fixed multiple UI elements to scale better with various resolutions. Fixed overflow in achievement rewards. Fixed the level indicator in player profiles. Removed the empty indicator from Faction offer labels in the store. Gameplay Alliance Effects (from Alliance Station buildings) will now deactivate when

Patch 9.15.1 – Change Log

PATCH 9.15.1 Wednesday, July 31st. @ 13:00 GMT. User Interface New Avatar system that is split into Portraits and Backgrounds New vanity item type: Explosions Overhauled Store panel Overhauled Settings panel New Politics sub-panel: My Profile Gameplay Most store Offers are now account limited instead of server limited: Account limited: Cards (Research Grants) Customization (all)

Patch 9.14.1 – Change Log

User Interface A player can block other players. This will filter out all messages sent from the blocked player in the blocking players’ chats and disables the private chat between them. For now, this is only possible over chat commands, a UI implementation is planned for the future /block <Username> /unblock <Username> Bugfixes Leaving Coalition

Patch 9.12.1 – Change Log

User Interface Map Operation window shows which resource requirements are fulfilled for each resource. Map Operation window shows which commodity requirement is fulfilled for each commodity. New Fleet dialog shows {total number of fleets}/{cap}. Tab key can be used to switch between time units (hh:mm:ss) when scheduling. Assault on an alliance member no shows a warning similar to any