Patch b1.11 – Change Log

Changed A few Chat optimizations: Unread messages are now displayed in the chat dialog. On message failure, players should display as unknown instead of as System. The System message avatar is no longer clickable. Smaller chat expands/minimizes when the chat dialog is opened/closed, respectively. Add animation when expanding / minimizing the chat dialog. Added more

Patch b1.9.1 – Change Log

Changes for Beta #14 only Omega sector unlocks on day 15. Changed Server duration to 8 weeks. Reduced ESA Protection duration to 5 days. Empire Event Limit increases on Thursdays. Default Construction Queue capacity for all stations decreased to 12h from 24h. Premium Construction Queue bonus for Player stations decreased to 12h from 24h. Alliances

Patch b1.9 – Change Log

New Buckle yourselves in, commanders! A survey tool has been added to the game. To use it hold down the alt key while hovering a hex. Then use your mouse wheel to adjust the radius which is being sampled. The tooltip shown will update to show a breakdown of the resources (fields, moons, planets and

Patch b1.8 – Change Log

New Fleet movement icons now have color-coding to show ownership: Player – Cyan Alliance – Blue Other – Purple Incoming Attack – Pink Players can now cancel fleet movements by clicking the ‘Return’ icon when hovering over the appropriate item in the bottom HUD fleets panel. Holy moly! What a time to be alive! Hovering

Patch b1.7 – Change Log

New Map pin names, descriptions, and icons can be edited through the pin list. Operating fleet count and limit are now shown in station tooltip on Alliance Structures that belong to your alliance or Stations belonging to your allies. Wow! Changed When sending Scan movement; the stats now include both the probe radius and duration!

Patch b1.6 – Change Log

Patch goes live Tuesday May 12th. Optimization galore! Map movement and UI interaction has been greatly improved! Disabled the world camera while in full-screen UIs. The camera being enabled had a dramatic effect on interacting with these UIs (fleets, stations, inventory, station planner etc.). Removed a bunch of legacy tooltips that were being unnecessarily called